Friday, September 24, 2010

Ayodhya Case: Fighting for People... Which People ??

This is the most burning issue in India from almost past 10 years. This has been the biggest ever fight in the name of God of 2 different religions Hindus & Muslims. Let me start with the dates and other facts & figures first.

This fight has started way back from 1527. The mosque was built on Ram Janmabhoomi (birthplace of Hindu God) in the year 1527 but the fight gained its importance in 1992 when it involved about 150000 people who developed a political rally against the mosque and despite of Supreme Court warnings, this big group broke out into the mosque and installed the statue of Hindu God Ram & Sita inside the Mosque. Ayodhya was a place wherein about 1100000 Muslims resided. This fight registered about 2000 deaths in no time.

Babri Masjid is a Mosque which was build in the name of a King Babur in Ayodhya. Ayodhya was the birth place of Hindu God Ram. King Babur defeated the King of Chittodgad, Rana Sangrama Singh. After this victory, Babur took over the region, leaving his general, Mir Baqi, in charge as viceroy. Mir Baqi destroyed the Ram Temple which was constructed to mark the birthplace of God Ram. This was the 1st time when Hindus & Muslims started fight in the name of God. Ancient books also state that the troops of Babur also demolished many Hindu temple in other parts of India during that time.

After this incident, Hindus & Muslims have been victim of many political games which have registered many more deaths. Even today, to maintain Law & Order during the festivals of both the religions, the govt. announces nation wide “Bhund”. Several festivals like Holi, Ed, Ganesh Chaturti have been politically utilized to increase the fights between the 2 religions which have registered many more deaths of innocent people. Places like Mumbai, Delhi, Gujrat and a few more are blacked out during such communal fights.

On 24th September, 2010 the High Court of Allahbad had promised to give its verdict on this case which was forced to stay by Supreme Court & its is postponed to 28th September, 2010. Anyways, the result will surely be opposed by either of the religion and again we may see many more communal fights in the name of God :(

I don’t know what will happen on 28th Sept, 2010 when the verdict will be given. The loosing side will surely appeal to the Supreme Court. But lets pray that we have peace all over instead of bloodshed and more deaths.