Friday, March 13, 2015



Follow these simple steps to activate WHATSAPP CALLING FEATURE.

Step 1. 

You will require the latest version of Whatsapp 2.11.561. to download CLICK HERE

Step 2.

Install the downloaded application.

Step 3.

Here, you will need to receive a WHATSAPP CALL from someone who has already activated WHATSAPP CALLING on his phone. 

Those who have my number can drop a msg on whatsapp for receiving a call from me. Others can leave their phone numbers in the comment section (on your own risk) to receive a call from me.


Simply wait till they officially release the updated app.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Get back your lost smartphone.

Hello Android users,

It happens that you have misplaced your phone at your home or outside somewhere. You will surely get heart attacks if its a costly smartphone or a superfone.

Or suppose you are travelling in Mumbai local train and someone steals your phone. If you are smart enough to notice that your phone has been robbed and you have to do every possible thing till the train reaches the next stop. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Login to your Google account which was integrated with your Android device.

Now open another tab in your browser or any other mobile browser and hit the following link.

You will get detailed information and whereabouts of your phone.

You can click on "Call" option. Your phone WILL RING at full volume even if it is on silent mode.

Check out if it works for you. It will definitely work !! 

Hope you liked the blog. Share it if it worked for you. It can help other to get there hard earned smartphone or superfone.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 30, 2013

10 Useful Android Application You Must Have!

Hello Readers / Android Users,

Here is a list of 10 most amazing and useful Android Applications which one should have.

There are many apps widely used apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Acrobat Reader, various browsers, barcode scanners and few other popular apps which every android user is aware of. Apart from these apps there are some apps which are quiet useful but many android users aren’t aware about. Follow the list below and also find the links to download the same.

1) Contacts +

It’s one of the amazing apps i have downloaded on my android device. As the name suggests, this app helps to surf through your contacts in a new & better way. Its beautifully designed and integrated with various social networks like whatsapp, facebook, twitter, 4square etc. This app also alerts you for the events like FB friends birthdays, tweets & 4square check-ins. Would really recommend android users to have this app who like to have a priority classification for the contacts.

2) Automatic Call Recorder.

There are many free call recording apps available in the Google Play market. But this app stands out of all. It provides almost all the premium features for FREE. You can set the numbers whose calls you do not want to record. This means you can choose whose calls are to be recorded and saved to your memory card. You can also add a note to every recorded call so that you can search it in future whenever required. It also has integration with Dropbox.

3) HP Gas App.

This app is useful for HP Gas users. With this app you can book your Gas fuel cylinders, know the expected date of delivery, avail preferred time of delivery, lodge a complaint and check refill history.  

4) Book My Show.

Book movie tickets, IPL match tickets, find and book tickets upcoming events & concerts in your city. This app is brought to you by Bigtree entertainment and have association tie-up with many popular cinema houses like PVR Cinemas, BIG Cinemas, INOX, AGS Cinemas, Apna Cinema, CineMAX, City Gold, DT City Centre, E-SQUARE, Cinepolis, Fame Cinemas, Fun Cinemas, Glitz Cinemas, Gold Cinema, Gopalan Cinemas, HDIL Broadway, INOX, Movietime, Prasads, Q Cinemas, Rajhans Cine World, Satyam Cineplexes, SRS Cinemas, Storm 5D, Wave and many more.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trick to activate "Blow & Unlock" feature on Micromax Canvas 2.

Hello Readers,

Posting a cool trick for Micromax Canvas 2 Users. Now you can "Blow and Unlock" your Canvas 2 Handset just like its done in Canvas 4.

Save the below apk file to your SD Card.


After saving, you can find this file in your Apps list. Open the app and Tap above the Lock Icon. (The open lock gets locked)

You're Done..!!

(Open the lock in the said Lock Icon to undo "Blow & Unlock" Setting)

Hope you liked the trick. Post your comments if you need any help or if its not working for you.