Thursday, December 1, 2011

The History of Mumbai Underworld!!

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Today I’m taking you all to the history of Mumbai Underworld. Summing it all within a page or 2, I want to put more light on J Dey. This has been a most unique case I have gone through. J Dey case has been so speculative and confusing which in turn is creating a bigger confusion as to where the Mumbai Underworld is heading? All this speculations led me to study the case investigations and here I’m with this article.

Let me take you to the history of Mumbai underworld. I can’t say when all this started, but all this was revealed somewhere in 1940s. Mumbai Underworld started with activities like smuggling of liquor and drugs and gambling. The word “Mafia” had its origin through the Gambling World. Those where the nights that decided the fate of the gamblers. It was either the death penalty or its price in terms of money. Now please do not try n co-relate this with the famous Bambaiya saying – “Mumbai is the city that never sleeps”.

The first name that comes in light is Ayub Lala. He was also known as Ayub Khan Pathan. He was the founder of the association of 13000 Afganis’ who were settled in Mumbai. Ayub Lala easily earned the title Mafia DON as he was the only man who controlled the illegal activities running in the city’s night life. He controlled every bar & gambling clubs which were run by Marwadis & Gujratis & Muslims. Well, running a bar or a club was a costly affair then and so I think that Gujjus and Marwadis where the one who carried such a business.

Ayub Lala also owned a few Hokkah Parlours and all these activities turned Mumbai a major hub for Heroine & other drugs. This all gave birth to more and more DONs and Mafia gangs in Mumbai. But who had ever thought that this Mumbai Underworld will cross all limits and turn Mumbai into one of the most unsafe place. All this led to crimes like extortion money, hafta vasooli, half murders, murders, shootouts and sometimes it led to serious fights between two gangs ruling the same area.

This era in Mumbai gave birth to the Gang Wars. Ayub Lala left Mumbai when his step son was killed in a gang war at Dongri in South Bombay. After Ayub Lala’s exit, a new DON came into existence - Rama Naik. He was a close associate of Bada Rajan. Rama Naik hailed from Byculla and he was a mentor to Arun Gavli. It’s believed that some conflicts arose between Naik & Dawood Ibrahim relating to some hawala case which led to the killing of Naik by Dawood’s behest in 1980.

Since then, Mumbai Police started curbing such crimes from the city. Such strict action from Mumbai Police led Dawood’s flea from Mumbai to Dubai. Mumbai Police started grilling such criminals in the city. Many criminals were shot dead in encounters and cross firing. This led Mumbai Underworld lose its grip from the city. The level of crime reduced since then. Then came an era where our politics went to dogs. Many criminals turned to politicians during this period. Arun Gavli was a big example. Arun Gavli feared 1 man from Mumbai Police. Vijay Salaskar. Vijay was the Encounter Specialist of Mumbai Crime Branch. He & his team squad killed many gangs which were ruling Mumbai.

Arun Gavli feared Vijay Salaskar because he was amongst the one in Vijay Salaskar’s hit list.

Follow this link to know more about it.

All this crime control led to formation of MCOC Act in late 90s. MCOC stands for Maharastra Control of Organized Crime. 

Many Businessmen, Cricket Bookies, politicians, Bollywood actors and many other well known celebrities were found to have some or the other connection with Mumbai Underworld. MCOC Act related investigations unearthed the roots of Mumbai Underworld. But, due to the worst politics system which still prevails in India, all this findings are just in a file yet and no proper action has been taken.

Well, during that era, the crime was at the level of smuggling, gambling, extortion, kidnapping, and a few other cases which were threat to mankind. All such activities were grilled by Mumbai Police to a greater extent. But recently, the killing of J Dey, a senior journalist at Mid Day sparked up the existence of Mumbai Underworld again. And this time, the killing of J Dey proved that Mumbai Underworld is working in a much more organized & intellectual way now.

J Dey or Jyotendra Dey was a Crime & Investigation reporter/editor working with Mid Day. He was shot dead by a motorcycle borne sharp shooters at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai on 11th June, 2011. He was taken to Hiranandani Hospital with 9 bullets exit wounds and was reported dead on his arrival to the hospital.

J Dey, also known as “Commander J” was also believed to be the Police Informer or the under- cover crime reporter to Mumbai Police. He had revealed many crimes related to Oil Mafia & other DONs in his reports. And probably this is why he was killed. Six people were arrested in this case. All of them were sharp shooters from Chotta Rajan’s Gang. They resided in different parts of Mumbai but had fled away after the killing to evade the arrest.

Mumbai Police was given the charge of this case. Later, the case was transferred to CBI and they arrested these 6 sharp shooters form different parts of India. The case was believed to be solved but the roots were yet to be unearthed. Lately, this case took a strange and unbelievable turn. Jigna Vora, Deputy Bureau Chief with The Asian Age was arrested for her involvement in the killing of J Dey. In the initial investigations when Jigna was called upon to give her statements in the case, she declined that she spoke to Chotta Rajan about J Dey.

CBI had sufficient proofs of her being guilty and so she was arrested for further investigations. Soon within a day of further investigations, she started spilling the beans easily. She admitted that she spoke to Chotta Rajan regarding J Dey & abused him.

“Khud ko bohot shana samajhta hai na. Tujhe dekh lungi”

This was the SMS sent by Jigna Vora to J Dey. I can’t understand where this case is going. Initially I never believed that Jigna Vora could do this. Well, I still somewhere have a doubt that Jigna has done this. I don’t know what will happen in this case proceedings but I still see a possibility of the involvement of some Oil Mafia. J Dey was lately reporting much about the Oil Mafia in his investigations. He also informed many secret issues to the Mumbai police relating to the Oil Mafia and I see this as a strong reason for his killings.

Oil Mafia and Underworld Nexus lead into the clutches of Dawood & Chotta Rajan. These are probably the last Big names of the Mumbai Underworld. But the most alarming thing is that Mumbai Underworld is now working in a much organized way. You can call it the most intellectual way. Such a way can give birth to many new Dawoods & Rajans. Again, we have no one else to blame other than our own political system.

There are about 4500-5000 policemen working for Mumbai Police. Rajans, Naiks, Shettys and all other small gangs make strength of about 450-500. Mumbai Police chahe toh 15-20 din me kachara saaf kar sakti hai. We can dream of a crime free Mumbai & we can actually see it. Forget the 5000 policemen, we have brave hearts like Vijay Salaskar who can eliminate crime from the city. I really feel sometimes that it’s high time a Mumbaikar takes an initiative.

My wishes are simple. Just like any other Mumbaikar, even I want my Mumbai to be a crime free state. Just like any other mega city, I want even Mumbai to prosper. I don’t want anyone to call me for extortion money when I buy a property in Mumbai. I don’t want anyone to call me for extortion money when I prosper in my business.

Thanks for reading. I have been not writing much since many days lately. Hope I have not made much mistakes. I know i have not mentioned many other big names like Shettys, Abu Salem and many more. the list is endless and regardless here. 

Wishing you all a Safe Bombay soon. :-)