Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sharad Pawar - A 10000 Crores Man!

I'm the Number 1 Scam Master! :-)

UPA cabinet Ministers declared their properties & assets worth after being officially reminded for the 3rd times. The Anna Saga has caused some serious trouble for the corrupted who are looting the country from past few years. Finally, as the pressure by the senior parliament members increased, the union council members declared their assets worth, along with the assets worth of their family members.

All the figures were quiet surprising. I believe that all these corrupted ministers have declared their “chillar” wealth only. But the thing that surprised me the most was the declaration that came from our very very Hon’ble Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar. He claims that his property including movable and immovable assets is worth 12 Crores only. LOL!

Kamaal karte ho Pawar ji...

Looks like I have to remind Mr.Pawar about the properties he holds and the money he has made through the scams. :-) Well guys, this is serious. I’m not making any false allegations. All the details given below are true. Chalo dekhte hein ke Pawar sahab ke paas kya kya hai aur kitna kitna.. ;-)

Stamp Paper Scam.

Mr. Pawar did you forget “The Abdul Karim Telgi Episode?” Now don’t ask me who is Abdul Karim Telgi.. For all others who don’t know, Abdul Karim Telgi is the one who was convicted in The Several Billions Stamp Papers Scam. Telgi was put the the Lie Detecting Test called as “NarcoAnalyses Test” where in he revealed that Mr. Sharad Pawar was the Master Mind of the 600 Billion worth of Stamp Paper Scam. Sirji, you must have at least minted about 200 Billion alone from this scam.

     Wheat Imports Scam.

Mr. Pawar, please tell me why did BJP ask for your Resignation in 2007? Hope you remember it. It was because of wheat imports scam which was again a multi-crore scam. Food Corporation of India had tendered for procurement of wheat which was cancelled by you. You allowed SO CALLED private dealers to purchase wheat directly from the farmers. This resulted in over-buying of wheat and even a large amount of wheat stock was dumped to create a false price rise. There was no wheat available in the market for Aam-Aadmi. Govt. then had to import wheat and the SO CALLED private dealers were ready to sell their stock at much higher rates. Statistically, the wheat purchased by SO CALLED dealers at Rs.900/ton was then offered to Food Corporation of India at Rs.1300 – Rs.1400 per ton.

You minted about 300 Crores here again. :-)

     List of Properties.
This is just a small list which I was able to find in my research work. Here are the details.
    Sir, you have 2 plots measuring 141.15 acres each in the name of Vidhya Prathisthan – an educational institute headed by you. :-)
    2 Acres of plots in the name of Anant Smriti Prathisthan which is headed by your nephew. (or you)
    Sir, you have 32 acres of land in Lavasa in the name of Lavasa Corporation, an organization headed by your Son-in-law :-) Naam bolu kya aapke son-in-law ka? :P :P
    Sir, you have another 1 acre of land in the name of Shivaji Nagar Agriculture college.
    Sir, you have another 3 acres of land in the name of SharadChandraji Scout & Guide training school. :-)

I ask you readers to value these lands. :-) As per my expectations, these lands value not less than 500 Crores approx. 

Sir, you are also responsible for Rise in Sugar Prices in the year 2009. You are also responsible for Rise in Onion Prices in 2011. These both bull runs have minted you another 600 Crores at least.

Sir, Turmeric / Haldi Prices witnessed bull-run because of you. Sangli APMC market ka detail doon kya? ;-)

Sir, how much money did you mint from Pappu Kilani and Hitendra Thakur? Acha aap toh bhul gaye hoge in dono ko. Sir, Pappu Kilani and Hitendra Thakur are the two Gundaas who were the criminals of Virar Local Line.(Mumbai Local Western Line) You made them ministers! Wow =) =)

Sirji, what about Forest Dept Scam? Arey.. it is the scam in which Deputy Commissioner of BMC (1990) had provided proper and sufficient proofs of you being involved in corruption and supporting criminals. =) Arey sir, yeh case kaise band ho gaye…?
     Other Properties and Investments.

Sir, maine suna hai ke City Finance me aapka 16% stake hai? ;-)

Okay, please tell me how much have you invested in Pune Warriors DLF IPL team? 1200 Crores right?

And what about the investments in Royal Challengers Bengaluru Team?
6 Crores right?

Jaane do sirji.. ab toh mujhko he sharam aarahi hai.

You are responsible for the hikes in agriculture products. You have sucked the blood of the millions. You have killed the Aam-Aadmi again & again with your corruption in various APMC markets.

You declared your property worth Rs.12Crore…! LOL! As per my estimates, this man doesn’t hold anything less than 10000 Crores.

This is India. And such are our Indian Politicians. Ending my write-up with a sad note. We are not helpless. We are Careless. We will remain careless.

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