Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let's Learn Mumbaiya Hindi !! :-)

Hello People… :-)

I’m back with my weekend blogging. This is a bit of EDUCATIONAL write-up. =) After reading this blog, you will be able to understand the unique typical Mumbaiya Hindi. =)) It’s a must learn for you if you’re planning to visit Bombay/Mumbai.

Learning & understanding this language/dialect will help you a lot while travelling in Local Trains, walking on Mumbai streets, conversing in Buses & for that matter, it will even help you when you are fighting with anyone in Mumbai =)) This Hindi is spoken around in the whole city of Mumbai & learning or at least understanding this is really important. =)

The world knows this language by the name “Bhai log ki Hindi” but the fact is that almost 70% of Mumbaikars use this dialect. Boleto its Munna bhai waali Hindi =) Here we go…. :P :P

Apun ka naam Bijoy hai.. – Here, the word “Apun” means me. I’m referring to myself.. The whole sentence means – My name is Bijoy. Apun means “Mein” in Normal Hindi language.

Boleto means “Means” :P :P [Matlab]

Shaana means Smart Person. =) [Hoshiyar]

Fattu means Coward. =) [Darpok,Buzdil]

Satak le / kat le means Get Out =) [khisak le]

Locha means Problem =) [Duvidha, Sannkat]

Jakkaas means Excellent =) [Behetar/ Sabse Acha]

Ghoda means a Gun =) [Banduk/Pistol]

Maamu means a Traffic Cop :-) but here it even refers to anyone who can easily be fooled. =))

Lafda means Fight :-)

Kauwa means a crow but here it refers to a Mobile Phone =))

Shaanpatti means Showing off / Acting Smart.

Topi means Fraud. :P

Chhavvi means Girlfriend. :-)

Chikna means a good looking guy. ;-)

Talli Hona means drinking Alcohol ;-)

Sutta means a Cigarette. =)

Bablya means a bus driver or a Ticket Checker.

Vaat lagana means creating problem for someone :-) (taking revenge)

Dabba means a Police van or a Police Jeep

Thakkela means a weak person. ;-)

Lafda nai karneka means do not fight.. :P

Sulttana means to resolve an issue [Suljhana]

Mach Mach nai karneka refers to restricting someone from speaking nonsense or to restrict someone from speaking continuously. :-))

Dedh Shana is usually referred to a kid. But, in some situations it is also referred to a person whose level of knowledge is of a kid’s level.

Mandvalli / Maandvalli means to compromise.

While in train, you may hear people speaking on phone saying Apun fast me hai, it means he is travelling in Fast local. ;-)

Hari Patti usually means Money, But here, it directly refers to a Rs.500/- note which is usually green in color (Hari means green & pati means a note)

Bhidu means a Friend.. =)

Kaayoko means Why. [Kyun]

Mereko means Me. Example: Mereko pen chahiye means I need a pen.

Tereko means You, tumko / tujhko.

Saamaan means a weapon. Police usually use this word while interrogating criminals. ;-)

Aayela hai means Has come. Example: Apun idhar pehele Aayela hai.

Jaarela hai means going/leaving. Apun Jaarela hai.

Bhai means a brother. It also refers to a Leader of a gang. =)

Kaala Coat refers to a Lawyer or the Judge.

Baabu means a Minister. Usually it directly refers to the Prime Minister. Also referred as Delhi ka Baabu / Dilli me baithela baabu. :-)

Aag Ughalna means getting angry. Aaj teacher khali fokat ka Aag Ughalreli thi. :P :P

Now let me teach you some basic conversations. =))

Saala Apun ke Dimaag ke Palle kuch Padta ich nai. This means I don’t understand anything. =))

Apunki maa bolneki ke apun acha bacha hai. This means, my mother says I’m a good boy. =))

Dimaag ki maachis mat jala. This means, don’t irritate me. :P :P

Kalti maar saale. This means, you are warning someone to leave or get lost.

Dhande ke time pe khoti nai karneka. This means do not waste my business time. The time I spend at my work or for my business.

Saale ko match jeetneka Zulemaani keeda tha. This means, he wanted to win the game at any cost :P :P

Pantar log means a group of gangsters. Usually friends call there group as pantar log. =)

Saat pe gaadi rukeli hai kya. This means, he is asking you whether a train has not yet departed from Platform number 7 ;-)

Tu kaayeko itne der se khadela hai? This means he is asking you, why are you standing from so long time.

Mereko / Apunko yeda samjhela hai kya? This means, do you think I’m a fool. =))

Apunka uske saath Chatees ka Aankada chalrela hai. This means, our relations are not good.

That’s it guys.. pehele itna ich seekho.. =)) Hope you all liked it.. Request you guys to comment in typical Mumbaiya Hindi… I will correct you if you’re wrong. I’m damn perfect in this language. #Proud ;-)