Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Evening at Masjid Bunder - Mumbai

I was at Masjid Bunder yesterday helping my aunt with some grocery shopping.  For those of you who don't know Masjid Bunder - it is know for being a wholesale market and the second station on Mumbai's Harbour Line.  It is the second station after Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus.  (That's about how much I know about it :P)

Every time I'm here I feel like I'm walking in the streets of the old Mumbai - the Mumbai of the Mills Era.  There's trucks to hand drawn carts being used in this area to transport good from place to place.  Here I am reminded that Mumbai is a place where people work really hard.  See the picture below,  Its an old man carrying 2 pitchers of water.  He was so old and still carrying that much load.  I'm sure we wouldn't see any youngster in the city carry the pitchers this way.(Click on the images to view the full size version)

Its not just this man but anybody you look around will be buzy carrying something to someplace.. I think this the busiest area of the city :) Here's a look at a few people I spotted.

He's not a beggar...
Everybody is carrying something
There was such hustle buslte in this part of town I even saw people pulling hand carts but couldn't click a picture because I look like a tourist - clicking away while they were all working.

Most buildings and some shops have this really old era feel to it.  There were some shops where they lined the spices out in small trays for samples. Liked the colours... notice the shades of red?
Turmeric and Chilli powders with different spice limit :)
Other Spices
There were quiet a few shops that hung a sign that read - We take old notes... don't know what its is about them but I like :)

This is just fruits after the vendor had just sprayed some water on them. Not that I had not seen this before but... just went click :P
Fresh Apples
Take a look at this fruit seller.  He sells 5 peeled oranges for 10 rupees! They are small Oranges but still.. makes the point - Most people here work hard to make a living. Mehnat ki khate hai ye log!

I spotted a toys shop that sold smiles by the pack :D... If only it was that simple to buy smiles :)

A pack of smiles

Something else I find in this city - Mumbai.  There are a lot of kabutar-khanas.  People here like to feed the pigeons and there a LOT of pigeons!
Here's a small Kabutar kahan in Masjid bunder and Pigeons :)

Pigeon Picnic

That was one evening in one of Mumbai's busiest markets and thought of sharing what I saw :)