Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chor Bazaar - Treasures within Junks !!

The Chor Bazaar.

Chor Bazaar is located in South Mumbai nearby Bhendi Bazaar. Its one of the largest flea markets of the world. Flea Markets means a market place where 2nd hand goods are sold. Chor Bazaar means Theives Markets, but never dare to tell this to any shopkeeper there :P & its sure that u wont be able to prove that the stuff displayed there is a stolen one. :-)
Chor Bazaar was once called as Shor Bazaar. Shor means Noice. Yeah, the place is full of noice and chaos. It turned to tourist place in late 90's :-) The tourists fling around the market to find the antiques at throw away prices. The Centre of Attraction in this place is "The Mutton Galli" where u will get almost anything at dirt prices. The Chor Bazaar sells almost everything, a thing as small as pin and a thing as big as car but everything sold here is said to be stolen. The primary goods sold here are the antiques like decorative lamps, furniture, uniquely designed telephone landline instruments which were used at ancient times.
It’s a market which displays a lot of verities of things but u have to trace out the “Treasures” among the junks. ;-) Bargain skill is the most important tool which u should have to get the Treasures at dirt prices.
Almost all the shopkeepers in The Chor bazaar are Muslims. This Chor Bazaar opens only on Fridays and ends at evening when its time to worship god. This is the reason why it is also called as Jumma Bazaar.
The most interesting facts about the Chor Bazaar is the relation that has developed between Hindus & Muslims over the past few years. 50% of things sold in Chor Bazaar are bought from another flea market named “ Waghri Bazaar” which is situated at Kamathipura - Near Mumbai Central. The Waghri Market is a place where almost all the shopkeepers are Gujrati Hindus. :-) This market open early at 4:00am and are closed at 8:00am only on Fridays.
There is a famous saying, If u loose anything in Mumbai, u will surely get it in Chor Bazaar :P :P I being a Mumbaiya fan haven’t roamed here still. Will surely go here very soon :) thts all about The Chor Bazaar :) thnx for reading :)
Gud Day.