Sunday, April 17, 2011

E-Mail Fraud or a Prank ??

Last night i received a mail which surprised me :-) I guess its a prank by some of my friend. But it remains suspicious as i did not find any proper proofs to trace that its a prank. And so i started my Audit Work :-P

The mail shows that its from FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation asking me to give proper justifications for a transaction. I'm named as the beneficiary of some Big Money. (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars $10.5m) Thats really a big money man !! :-P :-P

Firstly i thought that it must be some E-Mail fraud. But as i read the mail, i found that they no where asked for my personal account details. If it had to be a Email Fraud then they should have asked my personal account info. I also got a notification from Gmail in the same mail. Check the image below. Please click on the image to enlarge for proper viewing.

There is also a document attached to it giving some other details. It says that the way i'm using to transfer the funds ( Big Money :P ) is used by terrorists. Why the heck will i do this ?? :-( I really dont support Terrorism :-( 

BTW i liked the concept that they have made a systematic way even for the terrorists to transfer funds :P :P i don't know why terrorists are allowed to transfer funds. But please be assured that i have not asked for any such transfers. Nor i know why i was made the beneficiary of this money. Mor i'm a bloody terrorist

The attached document said this...

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Dept: Anti-Terrorist & Monetary Crimes Division

Office: Washington, D.C. Headquarters
Address: J. Edgar Hoover Building 93 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nw Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
Phone: 1-800-238-0767


This is to officially inform you that a foreign bank from Africa have transferred funds worth Millions of United States Dollars, precisely (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars $10.5m) with your name as the beneficiary. This foreign bank knows that they do not have enough facilities to effect this payment from their location to your account and therefore they used what is known as Secret Diplomatic Transit Payment (S.T.D.P) to do this transfer and they are currently awaiting a confirmation from you for final crediting to your account. Secret diplomatic payments are not made unless the funds are related to terrorist/drug related activities, so if you are not intending to finance terrorism and your transaction is legitimate, why then did you agree to receive these funds through this means that was used instead of a direct transfer to your account? Our findings shows that this method of transfer was used in the past to finance terrorist/drug acts, so there is need to correct this problem now to avoid you getting into trouble when the funds reflects in your account. Under the United Nations monetary rules it is our duty as a worldwide commission to correct this little problem before this fund will be credited into your personal account. Due to the increased
difficulty and security measures set up by the United States for the transfer of funds from foreign banks, the FBI foreign bank commission has stopped the transfer on its way to debit your reserve account and pay you through a secured diplomatic transit account (s.d.t.a).

We govern and oversee funds transfer for the World Bank and the rest of the world.
We demand your immediate response with full details of the transaction you are doing that involved this huge sum because the funds are currently being held in our custody. You must provide us with a Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer (DIST) within 3 days from the world local bank that authorized the fund transfer to certify that the funds you are about to receive are clean and free from terrorism and drug. Until this document is provided we shall have cause to cross and impound the transfer.

The Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer (DIST) often referred to as a Criminal History
Record or Rap Sheet, is a listing of certain information taken from fingerprin submissions retained by the FBI in connection with arrests and, in some instances, federal employment, naturalization, or military service. This Condition is Valid until 31th of Jan 2011 after which the funds shall be confiscated and legal action will be taken against you.
Guarantee: Funds will be released upon confirmation of the DIST document.

NOTE: We have requested for the DIST document to make available the most complete
and update records possible for the enhancement of public safety, welfare and security of Society while recognizing the importance of individual privacy rights. If you fail to provide the Document to us, we will summon/charge you with the financial crimes. The United Nations Department of Justice Order 556-un73 establishes rules and regulations for the subject of an FBI Identification Record to obtain a copy of his or her own Record for review.

The FBI Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Division processes these requests to check illegal activities. Kindly get back to us or contact the bank that has transferred the fund in your name to your account with this contact details below and obtain the (DIST) for proper jurisdiction and verification.

Shawn Henry-Executive Assistant Director (Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services

I'm not replying to this mail coz Gmail alerted me with a "Phishing Notification"
which says not to reply to such emails. 

The mail says that if i fail to provide the required documents then i will charged with Financial Crimes. lol.. pehele utna paisa dedo.. phir joh bhi Charge lagana hai laga lena ;-) its a big money man :-P :-P

And if i'm proved guilty for anything (even after not doing anything like that) then its a request to put me in Arthur Road Jail, near Chinchpokli, Mumbai :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 

phir kya hai.. haath me paisa bhi rahega.. saath me Mumbai bhi rahega... :)) Naam toh famous ho ich gaya hoga :P :P

I don't know if some of my friend is trying to prank. But i treat this mail as a EMail fraud. Readers are ruquested to comment below if even they have received such mails.

Happy Weekend People :-)