Friday, April 8, 2011

I Support Corruption :-)

1st of all.. let me make it clear that m not against any individual or a group who are opposing corruption. I do not intend to hurt any group or anyone by the comments or the blog which i m writing below. Its purely a bunch of my views.
Im NOT against Corruption !! M not supporting Sir Anna Hazare, nor i m opposing him. But i need Corruption for my normal living. M sure you must be thinking that im a foolish youth of present generation to speak this. But i stand to my point. I NEED CORRUPTION for my normal living.
I cannot run my business if i m honest. I cannot earn my bread & butter if i do not support Corruption. With all the loads of heavy taxes being imposed m forced to evade it. With so much of competition prevailing everywhere, i just cannot afford to remain back being honest. Forget about the taxes... even if i m happy with minimum earnings that gives me bread n butter 2 times a day, i still cannot live without corruption.
Let me give you an example. If i m a trader and i buy goods from somewhere outside my state. I need to issue a C-Form to the seller of goods. And C-Form is available in the Commercial taxes dept. Will i get this C-Forms without paying Bribe ?.... Never ! So being an honest businessman, fulfilling all the legal formalities to effect a trade, doing everything what the authorities say, i still need to bribe a man to get a C-Form. Okay... we have Online C-Form application system now. But, to get my C-Forms applications approved on online system, I still need to bribe to officer who approves it.
How will i run my business honestly ? I need to bribe even if i m happy with very small earning which give me bread n butter 2 times a day. Now plz tell me should i support corruption or stand against the dept. who takes bribe ? okie... I’ll stand against the dept. and many other businessmen who happily pay bribes. Then how will i fill my stomach ???
Forget about the business and the bribes. M still a student... Unfortunately m not a bright student. M not getting a seat in a good college. But if i m paying mouth watering donations to the college, then i will surely get a seat. I dont care about a student who has scored well in his previous standards and who deserves a seat instead of me. i just want a seat in the best college. Now, how will i pay the high donations ? You know how...... :)) :P :P
Another case... I m a bright student. but some1 has paid high donation to get a seat and now all the seats are full. I will not get a seat in spite of scoring high in my previous standards. Now, i will ask my parents to adjust somehow for equally high donations coz i m worried about my future. If i do not get a seat in reputed college, i wont get a good job in spite of scoring high. How will my parents manage to pay high donations ? You know how again.
Again forget everything, forget the bribes, forget that m a student. M just a small artist and I m happy with my very small earnings which I earn by paintings. M driving a small vehicle and a Traffic Cop stops me. I dont have a licence. So what i do is, i just pay Rs.100/- to him instead of paying Rs.200/- to the Traffic Control Dept. M i spreading corruption for my normal living ? yes :) i m !!
Again forget the above case.. I m just a housewife. I go for shopping. I buy gold ornaments, sarees and some basic things. The bill comes to about Rs.10000/- and i have to say about Rs.400/- to Rs.500/- tax on my purchases. Why should i pay it ? Instead i can use that money for my mobile recharge which can last for 2 big months. :)
Again forget this. Im an elderly person. I want my Provident Fund back. But the PF officer is demanding some money. Instead of visiting again and again, spending so much money for auto rick, and taking so much trouble in my old age, i will simply pay bribe as others do. Why should i fight ? Why should i spoil my relations with others who happily pay bribe.
Now, m just a Professional say a CA or a Doctor. I do everything as per the rules. I earn good money coz I m a professional. Every year I file my Income Tax returns honestly. I have to receive the Income Tax refund in case of TDS. Will I get my refund order without bribing the officer ? J Moreover, if I bribe him, I m improving relations with an INCOME TAX OFFICER J
So it does not matter whoever i m.. a businessman, a student, housewife or an Elderly Man.. I need corruption for my Normal Living.
The Corruption roots are so deep now that no one can even dream of living a simple life without spreading corruption. We really NEED the corruption now. At least I need it for sure. :) Can a traffic cop who gets Rs.8000 to Rs.10000 live his life happily without accepting a bribe when the food inflation is so high ?  Can I run my business without spreading corruption.. ?
When we being a common man cannot live without corruption, then we do not have right to stop the Govt. authorities. I don’t feel ashamed to say that if I was a Minister or an Commercial tax officer then even I would have happily accepted the bribes J I cannot live without it coz being a Commercial Tax Officer I need to pay some amount from my bribes every to my head of dept every month for giving me the job. If I m a head of dept then I would have to pay some money to ministry levels.
When The Ambanis entered the Telecom Markets with 40 paise call tariffs, they were penalized heavily. So why do people blame Ambanis for spreading corruption ?  Even they need it like we common man need. Yaar, India hai yeh. People are more concerned about winning a cricket match. People are more concerned about their living. Paapi pait ka savaal hai sir ;-) :P
So its better not to oppose or support Anti – Corruption. Abhi kuch nahi ho sakta.. We are happy with India winning the World Cup.  IPL start hua hai… maze karo yaar.. J If we oppose corruption then it will inversely affect or NORMAL LIVING !! Nahi jee payenge yaar J
After reading this… I know that many readers will have different views. My thoughts will surely contradict with yours. Your Comments or I would say critics are welcome. J Thanks for reading such a big n boring blog :P :P
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