Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rahul Gandhi ka kaala chittha :-)

Well, i'm writing this to prove that  i'm not supporting Congress or Indian Youth Congress. When i wrote about BabaRamdev lately, few of my readers thought that i'm against Baba Ramdev and i'm supporting Congress. I have nothing to do with these politicians and any Governments. Its just that i love to expose and bring the truth on my blog.

So this time i'm exposing Congress !! Before reading, please understand that, be it Congress or BJP or any other party or the groups like UPA or NDA, everyone is equally corrupted. Paisa sab ne banaya hai.

Anyways.. as said that i'm exposing Congress, it does not mean that now i'm supporting BJP or RSS or Ramdev Baba. i have already said it 100 times that i'm not supporting anyone. Yeah, i'm a fan of Indian Youth Congress but before that i'm an Indian. Now you will be surprised to hear that i'm exposing none other than Rahul Gandhi :( He has been and will be in my list of Inspirational People on my facebook. Sorry Rahul :-(

Anyways, here we go :-)

Lets see what Rahul was in his near past. Rahul Gandhi's real name is Raul Vinci. He is son of Sonia Gandhi who is known as mother of all scams. It is believed and proved by many people that these Gandhi's have minted lots of money in the scams which India is currently suffering from. It is also believed that Rahul has a swiss bank account.. you know for what.. Statistically, Sonia & Rahul have minted 60% of the money proceeds of 2G scams. I can't really prove this but its the fact know by many by now. Kalmadi, Raja, Kanimozhi, and many other corporates who are convicted in various scams are the soldiers of Sonia & Rahul who keep their bit of share and forward the proceeds to Sonia & Rahul. :-)

I was also surprised to understand from my research work that Rahul was most benefited from the 70000 Crores of Farmers Loan wavier. The money has not reached farmers and you can understand where it has reached. These are only some of the scams that have helped Rahul to mint good money lately from 2005, till present.

Lets look back in the past now. In 2001, Rahul was arrested by FBI at Boston Airport. He was held by FBI with $150000 of unexplained money. Poor guy, he was so foolish to carry the money so openly. He under estimated the Airport security systems big time.

It is also interesting to note that Vajpayee helped him to uncluth from the FBI coz Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India then. So, with the help of Vajpayee, Rahul was freed after the security group filed the FIR against Rahul in US. No one knows what happened to that FIR afterwards. :-)

Another interesting point to be noted. He was caught at Boston Airport with his then girlfriend Veronique Cartelli who is daughter of a Drug Mafia :-) LOL ke upar LOL :P now you know where did the $150000 come from.

Cannot complain more about Rahul. Right from his childhood, he has learned what he saw. Sonia - The mother of Corruption has been successful in teaching and preaching corruption to the future generation. So we can say that Rahul has done nothing but joined his own family business. ;-) LOL ! As i have said earlier that the show must go on. The legacy must continue and so the corruption will go on.

I have alot to write about this issue still. But i just wanted to prove that i'm not supporting Rahul Gandhi or Congress or even Indian Youth Congress. Yeah, i'm a fan of Indian Youth Congress and i'm expecting that the things will improve soon and India will prosper in the right direction.

Not only Rahul or Congress are corrupted. Even BJP is equally corrupted. I do not wish to spill the beans about all the parties here on my blog. I'm not an activist or any politician to play such war of words. I'm just another Indian who wish to see my India Prosper. Rahul will be in my list of Inspirational People. We also need to understand the fact that every saint has a past and every criminal has a future.

The facts i disclosed about him are nothing if compared with some of the facts i know about high profile BJP leaders. Remember, everyone has minted money. Even Baba Ramdev has minted money in some way or the other which will soon be disclosed by the news channels.

Remember friends. Corruption is like diabetes. It can only be controlled, not eliminated. And its we who can control the corruption. Don't expect anything from the politicians or Ramdev Baba. Stop being foolish. Please be a responsible citizen. Be true and corruption will easily be controlled.  

Thank You. :-)

btw, i love opening Governments :P 

Bijoy Momaya.