Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Truth of Ramlila Protests !

Hello Readers,

Its been sad what happened last night. Many innocent people have feared serious injuries. But please take note that media has again showed a very wrong picture of what happened yesterday night. Everyone feels that Delhi Police has been very cruel to the people staging protests and supporting Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Ground in Delhi. Just read the below article by Tehelka which will make you re-think what really happened. Here we go.

UPDATE: Reacting to Baba Ramdev’s charges of police excesses on his supporters on Saturday night, Dharmendra Kumar, Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), has said that the police did not cane-charge at the Ramlila Maidan. He said that the police went to request Ramdev to wind up the camp, as he had no permission for a gathering of that size. He said that at that point Ramdev jumped into the crowd and asked the women supporters to encircle him by making a a protective ring around him. He said that bricks had been stored near the stage and Ramdev’s followers started hurling them at the police, in which some people received head and cervical injuries. Some time after Ramdev jumped from the stage, the police claimed that they saw him trying to escape in women’s clothes and arrested him and escorted him to a guest house near the airport. From where he was put on a special flight to Dehradun. He was then taken in a car to Haridwar. The police have registered a case of rioting against Ramdev.
Tehelka was the first media network to get to LNJP hospital at a time when the government was alleging that no serious injuries were reported. The reporter - Revati Laul was speaking to the injured when the Chief Medical officer of the hospital asked her to leave, despite the fact that the injured wanted to give testimonials of the police brutality they faced. Tehelka photographer Naveesh Tejpal was not allowed into the hospital building with his camera. Therefore the correspondent Revati Laul had to take these pictures on her mobile phone. They serve as evidence of police brutality on June 4th, 2011. One woman - Rajbala is critically injured with multiple fractures to her spine and all four limbs paralysed; two others have serious head injuries. Over 60 of those injured are at LNJP hospital.
Kunal Majumder of Tehelka on Twitter (@kunalmajumder):
Delhi Police says, "Only eight tear gas shells were fired after Ramdev's supporters threw stones at police. No lathi charge at all. Ramdev used women to make a cordon around him to escape from police. There were specific intelligence inputs that Ramdev and another leader had threats to their lives."

This is what really happened. The Delhi Police REQUESTED BabaRamdev to wind up the protests. Do you think it was fair on part of BabaRamdev to hide inbetween women to escape from and create & show a wrong picture to the world. Now you tell me who is responsible for the injuries to the women that led her to end up with peralyses. Is it BabaRamdev who was hiding inbetween the women and was trying to escape by hiding in women's clothes ? ( isn't it cheap ? ) or the protestors who threw stones and bricks at the Delhi Police ? or, was the women paralysed by the teargas fired by Police Force ??
Forget the above note. Even its a media baised note and it may be wrong too. Just consider the following facts.
Who is responsible to look after the Law and Order in Delhi ? Wasn't it fair enough that The Delhi Police requested BabaRamdev to wind up the protest as he did not have permission of the size of protest that he staged.. Delhi Police had sufficient inputs that BabaRamdev's life was under threat ! who was responsible if something would have happened to BabaRamdev ? Remember... Baba Ramdev was escorted by the high police officials and was taken to the other place in a Plane ! And then he was taken in a car unlike any other arrested man who is taken in a Police Jeep !!
Just think about the police forces. What should they do when someone throws stones and bricks at them like dogs ? Aren't they human beings ? Do they not have their families ? Saala ek toh chillar pagar khao aur uparse maar bhi khaao. Why did the protestors threw stones and bricks at the police who just REQUESTED BabaRamdev to end the protest because he did not have permissions..
Also take note that babaRamdev was enjoying the protests in Air Conditioned pendal and was collecting donations in name of the protest. Was it a protest or a 5 star party ? I'm yet to check if few of the protestors were hired !! Yes, i really feel so after the political turn this case has taken.
What would have happened if some terrorists had plotted and planted a bomb at Ramlila ? Even then the Delhi Police would have been held responsible. BabaRamdev has no rights to risk the lives of the innocent citizens. Thats the reason why Delhi Police had to take some serious steps so that no innocent lives are risked.
Fasting has been the foolish trend now a days after Sir Anna Hazare's episode. Fasting is used as a weapon in a very wrong way which is nothing but proving to be a curse to humanity. I have also come across some cases where people have started fasting for silly reasons. If this goes on for 2 more years then m sure that Food Inflation will fall down drastically :P LOL !
Please do not believe and act on what media shows. Almost everything they show is edited to suit their taste. They are paid to do that !! They create a wrong impact on the viewers mind in a big way.
I'm not asking my readers to go against BabaRamdev or to support him. Do whatever you feel is right. Be a responsible citizen. The World is watching us. I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of anyone. I'm not against anyone but i'm not with BabaRamdev. I'm not supporting him against corruption because he is fighting in a wrong way by risking many innocent lives. Remember ! you have to support the fight against corruption and not the BabaRamdev.
If u want to see a corruption free state then stop paying even the smallest bribes. You need to be in the system if you want to change the system. Fasting & staging protests is not a way to fight against corruption. Stop bribing to the traffic police, income tax officer, Provident fund officer and many other govt officials. This is the way YOU can fight against corruption.
Concluding herewith with a request to everyone. Be a responsible citizen. The younger generation is watching you. The world is watching you.

Bijoy Momaya.