Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rahul Dravid - THE WALL of Team India.

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After India won The Cricket World Cup, 2011, we were put into watching the T-20, the short & fast format of the game. But surprisingly, the viewership for T-20 declined drastically this year, may be because we had been watching a lot of Cricket lately even before The World Cup. The viewership had reached its Marginal Utility of watching the game. Cricket was going on since almost many months & the players remained away from their home almost half the year.
Team India & the viewers needed a small break from Cricket & this was proved when even the Intensive & impulsive format T20 failed to drag the required viewership on television as well as in the stadium. Reports also said that the viewership stats were at "All Time Low". But, every Cricket lover was waiting for the Test Cricket to begin & India v/s England game was on its way then.
Sachin drew high hopes from India & the world as usual. Yuvi & Gambhir were hit by critics in the T20 & were making news of being unfit. Dhoni, the Super Hero who finished the WC in style was also drawing high hopes from his fans for this Test Cricket game. Sachin eyed a 100th ton at The Lords against the English team. His fans were waiting to see him raising his bat for the 100th time at The Lords. Imagine what a rare view it could have been if Sachin had hit a 100 at The Lords.
We all had a lot of hopes from all the players who shined in the WC. But no one really remembered another BIG NAME. THE WALL - Rahul Dravid. Of-course a true cricket lover had a lot of hopes from Dravid. That's because Rahul Dravid defines test cricket & batting in his own way. He has his own style & art of playing the game & the test cricket support his abilities to the greatest extent. 
Dravid scored a 100 at The Lords when we all were expecting Sachin to do that. He climbed to the 2nd place in the list of Highest Runs scorer surpassing Ricky Ponting. And now, Dravid was the only player who drew all the hopes of the viewers for at least Drawing the game. But we lost in spite of his 100. One reason I can find behind the loss is excess cricket being played. Prominent players like Zaheer, Raina, Sachin, Dhoni, Gambhir, Yuvraj, Praveen & few other players were away from their homes from almost months together. Injuries & fitness problems was most probable. Shewag remained out & he really did good by opting out of the series.
Dravid proved again that he is the WALL of Team India. When almost whole of the team under-performed, Dravid tried the most for saving the game & he was successful to the great extent. But we lost it. :( Hopes again raised high when the bowlers of TeamIndia restricted England Team to 220+ total. But, we saw the worst Batting Collapse of Indian Team where in Broad earned a hattrick & India lost 5 wickets for 20 runs in a TEST MATCH.  We missed scoring a nice Lead & our innings ended up at 270-280.
This can happen only with Team India. There was a game where Yuvi hit SIX 6's of Broad's over & yesterday our team offered a sweet revenge to him where the whole middle order collapsed in minutes & tail-enders followed too. But Dravid scored a 100 again :-) The game is still going on and hope we win this time. :-)
A true Cricket Lover always loves The Test Cricket Format. And Players like Rahul Dravid, Sachin, Laxman, Zaheer are the one whom we can blindly rely on in such a format. Hope to see them shining. :-) Wishing Team India all the success. :-)
I'm sharing a small write up which i found on facebook. Dedicating this to Rahul Dravid - The Wall of Indian Cricket. 
To, Rahul Dravid.

Gautam Gambhir is taking X-Ray.. Will you open ? Okay... 
Dhoni wants to bowl.. Will you keep wickets ? Okay...
Over Rate was slow so Captain banned.. Will you lead ? Okay....
Sachin didn't score 100.. Will you Score ? Okay... 
India looks like losing - Will you save the match ? Okay... 
Zaheer has hamstring injury - Will you bowl ? Okay! 
and they call Hussey Mr. Cricket !!

Bijoy Momaya !!