Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tribute to all the "FB Like" & "FB Comments" deserving Boys!

This write-up is dedicated to all the boys who fail to get "Likes" and "Comments" on facebook in spite of the facebook activities they do which deserve the popularity.

It is usually noticed that Girls easily get a lot of "Likes" and "Comments" on every of their Status Update & Activity Feed on facebook, be it meaningful or not. But we POOR BOYS do not get good response for any of our Status Updates or Activity Feeds even if we deserve popularity, likes & comments. :-( :-(

Let me show you an example.

Look at this picture. A girl updated a status message "Won the Antakshari Contest" and it got LIKED by 45 friends in 10 mins :P

Now compare the above picture with the one pasted below. 

Note: The below pasted picture is the real one. :-)) You can check it on my facebook wall too :P :P hehehehe.. here is the pic.. ;-)

I got just 2 "Likes" & NO ONE out of my 700+ facebook friends COMMENTED on the update which is of National Importance. :P LOL!!!! I'd spent about half of my day to read the Jan Lokpal Bill, took the other half to understand it & write about it! ;-) And all i got is just 2 Likes. :P :P :P hehehehe....

But i could not see such things happening. :P I wanted to take a proper revenge to support & motivate all the hard working boys. ;-) :-)

So i discovered a Facebook Status from of a girl which had NO LIKES & NO PROPER COMMENTS!!! Yeah! Can you believe it..? There was not a single LIKE! :-) Now look at the pic below and see how this magic happened :P

Hahahahaha :-)) :-))

For all my readers who do not know what "Raksha Bandhan" means, it is a festival celebrated between Brothers & Sisters only :-) A girl ties a band on the hand of her brother. 

No one Commented "Thank You" / "Same to You" / "Best Wishes" Sabko darr hai ke kahin koi ladki bhai na bana le :P :P

This is the only day when the girl's FB Status Updates do not earn "Likes" & "Comments". The only day when a girl's status update dies for LIKES & COMMENTS like our Status Updates die everyday :P :P

Girls... aapko LIKE aur COMMENTS ke bina acha nahi lagta na?? Hum log ko bhi nahi lagta :P :P So Login to your facebook now and LIKE at least 2 status updates of the Boys whose facebook activities deserve popularity ;-) Go Girls Go!!!

Baaki ke boys ko bolke kuch faayeda nahi hai.. Vo log nahi karne waale :P :P

Hope you liked this write-up :P

Please share this article.. Aur haan... LIKE karna mat bhoolna.. lets see how many LIKES i get now :P