Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Mumbai Police.

“Sadrakshanaya Khalanigrahanaya” – To Protect the good and to destroy the Evil. 

The Mumbai Police comes under the enforcement of Maharastra Police & State Home Ministry. It is headed by an IPS Police Commissioner. There are 12 Police sub divisions, each headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). Even the Traffic Police force is headed by Mumbai Police. 

The responsibility of Mumbai Police is to maintain law & order within the Mumbai City limits. Mumbai Police is divided into 92 Police Stations spread over the megacity. It also has a special Police Team which only looks after the Mumbai Port.

Before 1947, the Law & Order of the city was under the hands of Portuguese Kingdom. Eventually the rule was passed in the Indian hands and J.S.Bharucha became the 1st Indian to head the Mumbai Police. Many changes were constituted in the police force then. The main problem faced by Mumbai Police then was the technological backwardness. Constables had to move on cycles. There were no proper arms. Tackling law & order was a big challenge during that time.

But the things changed soon. Mumbai Police was the 1st in India to have a dog squad way back in 1965-66. A decade later, they started using computers. At that time, Mumbai Police force was the most developed police force of India with latest arms & technology. A few years later, Drugs Mafia started making its roots here in Bombay. The Drug Mafia was quiet successful in starting and running the drugs business & smuggling business. Mumbai Police then developed a Narcotics Cell in 1990 to curtail such illegal trade activities. But unfortunately, even today this megacity has not been completely free from the clutches of such drugs dealers and blackers.

The crime kept on increasing gradually. The Mumbai Police developed an Anti-Terror squad in no time. By the year 1997, Mumbai Police was fully advanced and the whole working system was computerized. In the year 2005, Mumbai Police witnessed a lot of advancements. They got new vehicles, arms and ammunitions. CCTVs were put in many public places and a few police officers were given special powers which helped in maintaining law & order to the great extent.

At present, there are 42000 policemen guarding this megacity. The hierarchy division is as follows.

1 Commissioner of police. (Satyapal Singh at present)
5 Joint Commissioner of Police.
12 Additional Commissioner of Police.
38 DCPs.
124 ACPs.
977 Police Inspectors.
756 Assistant to Police Inspectors.
2850 Sub Inspectors.
3329 Assistant to Sub Inspectors.
8146 Head Constables.
6010 Police Naik.
18666 Police Constables.

The most surprising thing I found in this research work is that there is nothing called as “Encounter Squad” or “Encounter Specialist”. It’s just that a specific Police dept is given set of special powers with the responsibility to maintain peace and harmony in the city. Encounter Squad is a name given & popularized by the Media.

The Mumbai Police is divided into various departments as follows.
1.   Crime Branch.
2.   Cyber Police.
3.   Detection Unit.
4.   Traffic Police,
5.   Local Armed Police.
6.   Anti Robbery Team
7.   Anti-Extrotion Squad.
8.   Law & Order team.
9.   Anti Terrorist Squad.
10. Narcotics Dept.
11. Social Events Team.
12. Wireless Team.
13. Missing Persons Bureau.
14. Crime Investigation Bureau.
15. Quick Response Team.
16. Economic Offences team.
17. Black Commandos.
18. Roit Control Unit.
19. Special Branch.
20. Administration Office.
21. Personal Protection & Security.

The working style & the life of Mumbai Policemen has been picturized in Bollywood movies like Ab Tak Chappan, Sarfarosh, Wanted, The Wednesday, Aan, Shootout at Lokhandwala and many more. Many of these movies are based on the real incidents of life.

At present, there are about 3100 police vehicles. Special purpose vans, jeeps, bikes, boats, tempos & cars. Local Trains has always been of good help too.
Arms & equipments like 5MM, 7MM & 9MM Pistols, Machine Guns, German Automatic Sub Machine guns, SWAT equipments, jackets, AK 47, AK 56, Tear Gas Bombs, Assault Rifles and much more are used by the police force.

Mumbai Police is considered as one of the best police forces in the world for solving High Profile cases. Mumbai Police has been serving the Mumbaikars day & night.

Aaj agar Mumbai me thodi bohot shaanti hai toh vo Mumbai Police ki vajah se hai.

A million Salutes to The Mumbai police Force…!!

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