Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Types of Commuters in The Mumbai Local.

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The Lifeline of Mumbai carries lakhs of commuters every day. But the thing that makes The Mumbai Local interesting is not the fact that it runs much more over and above than the normal capacity. The most amazing thing is the types of commuters who make a new world all together. Here is the list of types of people who travel in the Mumbai Local every day. Add up in the comments section if you feel that I missed out some more types. Here we go.

1)   Sleeping Pills. 
    These are the commuters who feel sleepy as soon as they enter the train compartment. I think they take a sheet full of sleeping pills just before boarding the train compartment which makes them sleep as soon as they enter in. Some sleep on the walls of the train. Some sleep on others who are already in a deep sleep. Some sleep on the support polls and some sleep on baggage which they carry.

2)    Indian Idols.
These are rare and very interesting. Commuting with such people makes your everyday journey blissful & blessed. Their songs take away your office work stress and you are back to normal before you reach back your home. They do not even know what Surr n Taal mean. Yet they sound classy!

3)   Socially Connected.
Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp is all that they live on. Such commuters can be spotted from far away. Typically they have hanging wires over their tees and ear phones usually plugged in.

4)   Chillam Chillies.
They shout for anything and everything on their cell phones. Usually their business is something related to transport or stock markets. “ BC driver marr gaya hai kya? Truck abhi tak kyu nahi aayela hai mera!” or “ Saala aur kitna girega Relaince ka bhaav. Bajj gayi yaar”

5)   Farzi Gyaanis.
I am one of these. This type of commuters keeps on sharing whatever knowledge they have. They seem to know everything about Cricket, bollywood, politics & business. Never miss out such a company. There are real time newspapers. Yes, they are rare & smart!

6)   Rotlu Aatma.
They are always angry. Ask them anything and they will answer you as if it costs them money to answer you. They just need a reason to fight. Ones I asked someone “Uncle, time kya hua hai?” He asked me “Kitne baje ki local me chadha tha ?”. I said “1:24 baje ki”. Then he angrily replied “tereko chadhke paanch minute hua hai toh ab 1:30 baje honge na?”

7)   Railway Mantri.

I call them so because they manage to reserve a seat for themselves in the train in which we cannot even manage to keep a foot on the train’s door. Such people are usually in groups. There group starts from the 1st station and their members join the group from various stops in between.
That’s it. Already feeling like I missed out few more. Help me with the other types of Local Train commuters which you have noticed through your comments.

Thank you.