Monday, September 2, 2013

Get back your lost smartphone.

Hello Android users,

It happens that you have misplaced your phone at your home or outside somewhere. You will surely get heart attacks if its a costly smartphone or a superfone.

Or suppose you are travelling in Mumbai local train and someone steals your phone. If you are smart enough to notice that your phone has been robbed and you have to do every possible thing till the train reaches the next stop. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Login to your Google account which was integrated with your Android device.

Now open another tab in your browser or any other mobile browser and hit the following link.

You will get detailed information and whereabouts of your phone.

You can click on "Call" option. Your phone WILL RING at full volume even if it is on silent mode.

Check out if it works for you. It will definitely work !! 

Hope you liked the blog. Share it if it worked for you. It can help other to get there hard earned smartphone or superfone.

Thanks for reading.