Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mumbai Local :-)

Mumbai :))))))))))))))) The word itself brings lots of happiness & pleasure :)))))
It was clocking 3:00 midnight when i was wondering about the engineering & sructure of the Lifeline of Mumbai - The Mumbai Local :) :).... Suddenly i picked up my phone and started collecting all the data available from internet. I was really amazed after knowing the facts & figures i found about Mumbai local. i surfed about 25 websites, watched about 10 videos, searched on google with about 10 different keywords & my interest in the work kept on growing :P :P lol... The feeling of sound of Running Local Train differs from people to people. I feel it like Music :) while few others feel it a noice :-/

Here are some amazing facts & figures which m sure will make u amazed.. boleto ekdum thanda padd jaoge tum log :P :P here we go... :)

1) Mumbai Subarban Rail are the safest Railways in the world. The trains have never met with an accident. No trains have crashed in the living memory. :) :)
2) 40 trains per hour arrive and depart on every station and on every track :)
3) Every train is equiped with Electronic Safety Indicators.Its called the Auxiliary Warning System (AWS) which provide some advance signals of to the motorman through the display panel. It includes Rail Traffic Signal wherein a Red Light says to ristrict the train to 15kmph, a Yellow signal says to restrict to 38 kmph & a Green signal or Double Yellow signal indicates the speed ristrictions to 70kmph. A buzzer sounds loudly if any of the above speed limits are crossed. And if the motorman does not limit it in some time than the train stops automatically. :) boleto passenger log ki fully safety.
4) Every Signal pole has a transmitter which are connected to the tracks. It checks the trains speed and sends the data to The Railway Control Room.
5) There is an Anti Collusion device on top of the Engine. Its works on a micro processor which is linked to Global Positioning Satellite.The GPS system sends data to every train running in 5kms radius. If 2 trains are approaching each other on the same track, the system sends signals to Automatic Breaking Unit to stop both the trains atleast 100 mtrs far.
6) A train is made to commute 1700 passeners at a time. But it carries 4600 passengers :P :P
7) Mumbai harvests every technology to keep the trains & the people moving. But, it nothing works against a Natures' Power... yeah.. The Rains... Mansoons brings the trains to hault every now & then dureing the season. Mumbai itself grives to a hault. :( Par tension nai leneka :) Mansoon ke time pe Nariman Point ya fir Marine Drive pe baithneka hota hai.. ;-) local train me nahi :P :P lol
8) After Mansoons, when Mumbai Local resumes, whole of the 300 kms tracks are inspected. It suffers the most wear & tear than any other track on the Earth.
9) Every sunday, a device called Crack Inspecting Machine is made to run on the tracks. Its like a train. t inspects the cracks on the track & align them. This ensures that no train will derail till next sunday and again the same tests will be carried on. It inspects at a speed of 800 mtrs per hour. The Machine looks like this...

10) Every train tyre has a fish plate which cools the immence temprature created due to speed run of the train. Fish plates are even fixed to the tracks at specific distance so that they do not expand when immence temprature is created by a passing train.
Now lets speak about the Electronic & Wiring part of The Local. The Power Control Room !!!! The heart of The Local :) The Control Room control the every train, every wire, every switch, every announcement machine, every light & everything :P :P lol The Control Room gets each and every signal that a motorman gets. The most amazing fact is The Control Room can stop a train in emergency even without the Motorman at its place.
I still recollect the Announcement in The Local. :)))) A sweet gal with a sweet voice says "Agla Stations Ghatkopar, Pudhil Station Ghatkopar, Next Station Ghatkopar. :P :P I have never seen her :P :P par ek baar jaroor milenge :P lol kyuki jinki manzilein ek hoti hein vo raaste pe he toh milte hein... lol :))) full on filmy... :))
Thats a short blog on The Mumbai Local. Plz share it so that................. my blog gets publicity :P lol... thnx alot for reading all this. I hope u liked it. Please excuse me for the spelling mistakes :)