Monday, January 24, 2011

The Massive Worli Bandra Sea-link :-)

Mumbai Again !!! :-) ;-)

In past few years, the population of Mumbai has increased like fire. The reason for this is... Mumbai gives Business. Mumbai has the power to give you anything and take away anything from you :-)

As the population gloomed, the traffic on roads increased day by day. Everyone here can afford a 4 wheeler or a bike. Fly-overs increased. New roads were build. But nothing could control the traffic yet. As per the recent data, 300 new vehicles hit roads everyday here. The roads are packed like a parking lotts. 

Travelling on roads is like wasting time, & in Mumbai.. time is more precious than Life. If we think positively, all these things are signes of an Growing Economy or you can say Blooming Economy.

The Roads & the Local Trains were not enough for the growing commuters and whatever may be the reason.. Mumbai needs to move on.. No1 here can afford to stop. So, the Engineers discovered ways over the sea. :-) Kidhar se bhi idea aajata hai Mumbai waalon ko :P 

The Worli-Bandra Sea-link. :-)

I still remember the day i travelled on this Mighty Engineered Sea-link. It was a spectacular view and very pleasing to eyes. 
The main reason of building the Sea-link is to take the Vehicle traffic off from the Mumbai roads & divert them on the sea. Worli Bandra Sealink is a Massive 16 lane Bridge which is 5.6 kms long. Its took 13 yrs to build the bridge as the work was haulted many times in between. The bridge is build with foundation which is 13 meters below the sea belt. Every pillar weights about 180 tonnes. And there are 180 pillars placed 50 meters apart each.

The bridge is built keeping in mind about the Mumbai Mansoons & the Rains. The bridge can withstand the winds blowing at an furious speed of 125kmph. About 424 cables are streached from the 2 main towers where the Bridge toll is collected. They connect to & hold the entire bridge. The cables are 600 mtrs long.

The entire bridge weights estimately about 340000 tonnes. This bridge is so spectacular & so well engineered that it has become a tourist spot. :-)

Every segment has 150 cubic meters of high performance concrete, estimately about 25 truck loads. Each segment is V shaped like, which are the heaviest in India which weights about 130 tonnes. The segment is so build that it reduces the force of the wind by 25%.

Theres alot more to spk about the Sealink & about Mumbai :P :P so its better to stop here. :P orelse the blog will be boring to read. :P

Dekho bhai log.. sea-link pe jaaneka... Bandstand pe rookneka... 14th feb aaraha hai.. plan karlo kuch :P........ April 2011 se toll rate zada honewale hein.. So act soon and wise ;-) :P

Hope u liked reading some stuff about Worli Bandra Sea-link. Acha nahi laga ho toh..... toh acha laga lo :P

thnx for reading it.. good day :-)