Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Idea of Celebrating No TV Day in Mumbai :)

Wake up at 5. Leave for Juhu Beach. Jog at Juhu beach and drink Naariyal Paani there... :P Steal the Unusual Calm at the beach :)
Get back to home by 10, get ready and leave for Dadar :) Visit Sidhi Vinayak Temple :) leave Dadar by 12 and reach CST.

Walk ur way to The Fort. :) Crane ur neck to see Te BSE Building - The JheejheeBhoy Towers :) walk for a while on Dalal Street to find unusual calm because its Saturday :) Markets are Off... :)

Leave for Gateway of India. Dnt miss to reach thr by 1:00, coz we gotta spend a big day still with only half a day to spare :P Have snacks & chats on Gateway :) Cool off ur eyes with The Taj Mahal Hotel View :) leave from thr within 30 mins. Have ur lunch at Howrah Restaurant :) Whats really great about Howrah Restaurant is its location.. its a 5 min walk from CST station.. :) 

Finish ur food and hire a cab at CST and leave for Nariman Point :) Start from the south End of Nariman Point. :) Buy a Water Bottle thr frm the ppl selling it in Buckets :) Sit near Trident & again crane ur head to Count the Number of Floors of Trident :) 

Walk ur way till Hutatma Chowk on Nariman Poiint. The Circle near HDFC Bank - Churchgate Station :) Be there till 4:30pm to watch probably each & every class of Hi-Fi Cars. ( Bently, Merc, RR, and many more.. Skoda being very comman :p ) Enjoy the Rush Hour thr which will never let to get on the other side of the road after trying ur best for 5 mins :) :P 

It will be clocking nearing to 6 then. Catch The Local at Marine Lines & stand on the train door to see Sky Scrapers & High Towers & beautiful Sea Face while on ur way to Dadar... :) Get down at Dadar and move to Mumbai Central Line :) 

U will go mad after seeing the rush at Dadar Station :P Die to catch The Local towards Ghatkopar if ur are smart enough, u will easily catch the train :P Get down at Ghatkopar.

No !!!! Do not step in to R-City :) Its a day to do something unusual :) Ghatkopar means Ghat Ke Upar :))) Roam around 60ft Road to see Big Buildings & Big Cars & Ultra Big People :P :P Laugh on them coz u have almost spend ur No TV Day in a much better way than those Big People :P :P ( Zada mat hassna, kisipe hasna buri baat hai :P lol )

Its clocking 8 !!! :) Yeah.... :) go to the famous KHAU GALLI :) Have something or i would say taste everything :P Bang ur head to the wall after seeing the traffic on roads :P and give a call at ur home to say that u will be getting late coz of traffic problems :)

Catch The Local.. get down at kanjurmarg :) hire a cab n leave for Powai Lake :)))))))) be thr till 10 or 10:30 and straight away leave to get back to home :) masti nai karneka beech me :P plzzz... kyuki kal sunday hai n we can do all this again tomorrow :))))))))))

Remember.. there was nothing usual like Visiting Malls, Eating Vada Pau, Disco or anything like that.. Yeah, something usual was the Mumbai Locals which u will never like to miss... hell lots of fun to do in My Mumbai :))

Thats how i spend my No TV Day in a Much Unusual Way :))))) i hope u liked it :) plz share :) Mann !!! i can fill up my 2GB Hard Disk to write about Mumbai :)))

Thank U :)