Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blunt Edge - Whose Writers Are They ?

This is in reference to the article “Blunt Edge – whose commandos are they” published in the newspaper The New Indian Express (Kochi) dated 21st Feb, 2011.

I was really surprised to read such a disgraced article which demoralizes the Indian society at large. I hope the writer of this article is not so disgraceful. Anyways, I don’t want to pin point any individual. I just want to bring it to the notice of The New Indian Express that such articles will really close your stores down. There is no reason why Cricket and Gujrati religion were linked up in such a bad way. Its very clear that the Writer and the newspaper want a better rating and so such hopeless articles are being written.

Forget about the Team Name & its logo. Even forget the issue of hosting IPL in Kochi. Consider the disgraced and unpleasant words which written in the column. The word “Smuggling” is so very irritating me and I have no idea as to why is the writer of this article so jealous about the business carried by the Gujrati people ?

Another word that surprised me was “Terrorist”. I don’t understand at all what message the writer wants to convey. Does the writer thinks that he has done something really gr8 or has created impact on the minds of Kochi Cricket lovers ?? Let me make it clear that such hate speeches and articles can create a sensation only on the people who have narrow thinking like the writer. So its clear that writer has failed to achieve the very main purpose of writing such a foolish article. I don’t even understand how the Newspaper Editor accepted it.
The so called Writer has foolishly mentioned the Kochi Cricket Team as a Terror group..  I m sure that the Writer and the editor have not tasted the Mouth Watering dishes like Goghra, Puran poli or shrikhand and whatever the writer has mentioned in his article. If the writer had ever tasted these dishes, he would not have written such sour comments and he would have not felt jealous of the Gujrati businessman of Kochi. 

I am really glad that I have not subscribed to a newspaper that spreads such hate speeches and messages that bring differences between religions. Concluding with the note that the Writer is really a kind of terrorist and I can see a lot of terror in his article. Sorry to say, I will never ever read the NIE. I wish that Narendra Modi reads this article :)))) abhi aag toh lag gayi hai… Narendra Modi buja denge iss aag ko :P lol