Friday, March 25, 2011

A lot beyond Cricket :-)

India, here cricket is a religion, a passion, a war, and finally a game. This World Cup (WC) turned to be a festival for Indians :) Last night, i.e. on 24th March, 2011, India and the world witnessed some intense cricket between India & Australia. Aussies, the defenders of WC lost their winning WC streak. They held the WC for 3 times that is about BIG 12 years. Yesterdays game was the most anticipated and much awaited game of this WC. 2 big sides playing WC QFs and the format was Loser's Knock Out ! Ahmedabad was all set for the big clash and the stadium was house-full. Loud Crowd came in big number and 99% of them were supporting India ! It was really important game as the loosing side had to return back to home. So the game was all set to be a cracker. Lots of sledging, fights, verbal crossings like #$%^ &^$ and many more desi words <:P> were expected to be heard :-P Everything which was beyond Cricket, was expected to be seen on the ground. :P

The game began and my tweets began as well :P [@bijoymomaya]. I really wanted India to beat the Aussie side coz i hate these bloody cheaters who being the No.1 Cricket Team in the world never ever played a fair game. I have cursed Aussies in almost every game and i always wanted this side to lose the game against which ever team they play. Let me tell u 1 thing, Aussies have really lost the grip over the game which great players like Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, McGrath and many others had maintained. I make a point that i watch watch The Ashes Tour every year and i badly pray that England should win The Ashes always :P

Lets get back to yesterdays game. As the game begun, i was not surprised to see some surprising decision from MS Dhoni. R.Ashwin was given the ball to start the Bowling Attack and Zaheer proceeded from the other end. I have gr8 respect for Zaheer Khan. The line and length he bowls at and the consistency he shows is always a treat for any cricket lover. Ashwin and Zaheer started off well and both retained the economy bowling figures till the end. I did not like the decision of resting Pathan. I wanted Bhajji to sit out coz it was a flat pitch and moreover Bhajji has failed to perform in WC till now. And Pathan has the potential of turning things on our side qucikly and with lots of fireworks :) Anyways, we won the game and it did not matter much. :)

While Aussies batted moderately, Ponting gained his form but other players struggled with their form. As soon as the danger man Watson got out, i got a feeling that we have a gr8 chance to win this game by restricting Aussies below 200. But as expected again, Aussies turned things well on their side with Ponting’s ton and quick score by David Hussey. Aussies posted 260 and i was again bit of tensed coz Aussies bowling line up could be lethal. Nothing much happened when Aussies batted. They lost wickets regularly but Ponting managed to get his ton without much difficulty. So India were required to chase 261 and the Aussie seamers were looking nice as the 2nd half started.

Lee bowled a raw pace of 157kmph ! wow. this guy can bowl 130-140 on sand too :P i have a bit of respect for this guy :P [ just a bit :P ] As our batting started, i was back to twitter and in front of my TV set. Shewag again started of with a amazing shot crossing the boundary. Even Sachin started his score with a 4. I was luvin the Hindi Commentary :P They used such a decent language :P and i was catching kind off addiction to it coz it was fun :P Shaun Tait was almost out of control. I dnt know if he feared GOD ( Sachin Tendulkar) or the Killer Shewag :) I remember the Hindi Commentator saying “” Bilkul he disha se bhatak rahe hein tait. Shayad gati zada karneki koshish kar rahe hein. yuva gaindbaz par hamesha dabaav bana reheta hai jab vo Sachin tendulkar jaise mahan aur digaaj balebaaz ko bowling karte hein. “” :-)

Well, Sachin & Shewag were playing brilliant but soon shewag got out and my excitement and tension started increasing :P Gautam Gambhir calmed the Aussie bowling attack and eased my pressure as well :-) Sachin completed his 18000 ODI runs :-) another landmark in the world of Cricket. He scored a much needed 50 and it was quick as well. Both Gauti and Sachin [God :)] had a nice partnership stand and made things quiet easy for the following batsmen. Sachin, Gauti and Kohli and Dhoni lost there wickets quckly and Aussies were back into the game. The pressure was at height when Dhoni got out. We ran slow and the Runrate Reqd was inching higher bowl by bowl. Yuvi who performed well in the entire WC had lots of pressure to preform and he also needed some good support from the other end. He was playing some good basic cricket and kept the scoreboard moving. I was on the edge of my seat :p lots of tension n pressure was built inside and around me.

Things were looking quiet difficult at a time and bloody Ricky Ponting had some verbal crossing with Suresh Raina. Yuvi and Raina were really playing some good cricket and they kept the things simple till we had enough score on our side. Lee got a blow on his eye while trying to stop a 4. He was bleeding badly and had to return to the stand for quick treatment. I never thought that he will come back to bowl. Well, we did not fear him coz he had given away about 14 runs in his previous over. But now, we had enough score on the board to start celebrating the victory. Twitter was flodded with lots of $%^&#@$%^ to Aussies :P lol yeah, they deserved it. Lee was given the ball and Raina had to face the pace. He smashed the ball in the stand for a huge 6 and i jumped and whistled at my place coz we almost had done it. Yuvi then after completing his 50 in style had to finish the game in style. He smashed a four to send Aussies back to home.  Logged in to my FB and saw the status updates flooded about India beating Aussies. The Men in Blue were appearing allover on the FB in every status msg i read. :-) such a important knock out clash it was. Aussies the defenders of WC had their dreams broken and they lost it big time. Big Time Loosers :) :-P i hate the Aussie Cricket Team. :-)

Now, India are into the Semis and this time we are meeting Pakistan in the Semis. This game will be the father of all games. India v/s Pakistan. This is what cricket all about. Two ancient arc rivals meeting each other in a knockout format and again we will see a cracker. Mohali and the world will surely witness another High Voltage and Intensive cricket. keep ur fingers crossed cricket lovers. Therez a big game on its way. The Baap of all India v/s Pakistan. Both the team have their own strength and weakness. Both the teams are in high morale after beating the Aussies. Its gonna be everything more than just Cricket. Again, lots of @#$%^&* is expected :P :P its gonna be much more intensive than our clash with Aussies. People with heart problems are requested to remain away from the TV sets. :P

Mohali ! get ready. Its home ground of Shewag :-) :-) All the best Team India. Go and win the game and make it to Finals :) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-P

Those who wanna comment below are requested to use symbolic language for abuses to Aussies :P Lets keep Cricket CLEAN :P :P lolzzzz Luv u Team India. Win or Lose... ill be with u forever :) :)

Note: In Mohali, Sachin is expected to enter into GOD mode again. :P :P