Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amazing WC Album !!!

Sharing a few pics which i found on internet. The WC win was a trending topic all over... :))))))

Kids playing Galli Cricket ! or u can say Rail Cricket (kind off Galli Cricket which took its birth in Mumbai Slums :P:P )

WC Inauguration at Dhaka

SidhiVinayak - Mumbai !

Bangladesh Cricket fans celebrating

Bengaluru Fans - Lathi Charge Victims :P :P

Prisoners watch Indo-Pak clash !!!

Pak celebrates their win against Aussies

The Mumbai Local Cricket :P :P

Pakistan Praying for a Win against India.

Pak Fans on streets to watch their clash against India.

Mumbaikars celebrating....

Pak fans praying for a win.

Srilankan fans praying

A depressed Lankan fan

Celebrations at Nariman Point :))))))))))))))))))