Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet Jhunjhunwala - The HUMBLE Man :-)

Jhunjhunwala says, "I always knew i was going to be rich. I never doubted it for a minute". likewise i say, "I always knew i was going to follow Jhunjhunwala on twitter. I never doubted it for a minute". :-P lol

Jhunjhunwala invented Twitter. He invented stock market. He invented HUMBLENESS ;-). He invented Money. He invented IPL, He invented Fun. He invented Greatness. He invented fatness ;-). He invented Daaru ;-). He invented THE MUNAF. He invented Awesomeness and now he is Awesomeshwar. He invented Chappal which was thrown at Kalmadi :P lol. Finally Jhunjhunwala invented INVENTIONS.

Watching Cricket World Cup & following his tweets has been an awesome experience. He has spread so much of HUMBLENESS. His HUMBLENESS is one of the reason why India won the World Cup. :-) When he starts tweeting he says "I HAVE ARRIVED"

When i read his words I HAVE ARRIVED, i get awesome feeling. I stop everything and start following his HUMBLENESS. :-) Jab sahab twitter ki paavan bhoomi pe kadam rakhte hein tab hawaien tez hojaati hein ;-) Hum confujj hojate hein ke twitter pe kisko follow karein Jhunjhunwala ko ya Jhunjhunwala ke HUMBLENESS ko =))

Following his tweets has been a real fun. His abuses, his holiness, his unique way of speaking, his Jhunjhunwalagiri and everything is so awesome. He is 1 word defination to awesomeness ;-) He talks on current topics which keeps the Twitter atmosphere Fresh !

Jab jhunjhunwala sahab twitter pe aate hein tab dil ki dhakan tez hojati hai.. aur jab bolte hein " I HAVE ARRIVED " tab hamari jaan chali jaati hai ;-P lol. Itne kum time me itna kuch bol jaate hein ke har teer nishaane pe lagta hai. :-) I'm his disciple since about 4-5 months. This means i'm blessed by his HUMBLENESS since 4-5 months. lol =))

Recently Jhunjhunwala has started blogging for Hindustan Times (HT). Due to this, HT had to change it name from Hindustan Times to HUMBLENESS TIMES =)))) See his GREATNESS, he is spreading his HUMBLENESS through newspapers now. If you do not read his blogs in HT then u are definately missing the Insanity =) He gives a reason to smile.

Jhunjhunwala ne bohot sara paisa banaya hai Stock Market se. Jitna time paisa chaapne me lagta hai usse jaldi toh jhunjhunwala Stock Market se utna paisa kama leta hai. oh sorry kama lete hein ;-) Stock Market toh inke isshaare pe chalta hai.. aur NSE toh aise chalti hai jaise inki girlfriend ho.. =))

Aur kya likhneka iss mahan Insaan ke baare me. Ye insaan nahi.. ye toh bhagwaan hein #jhunjhunwalaisgod. ;-) Jhunjhunwala is also one of the main reason why corruption will end soon now. Like Anna Hazare started fasting, Jhunjhunwala started drinking Beer till Govt approves for a panel on lokpal bill. Because of his drinking, Govt approved the proposal of drafting Lokpal Bill. Now corruption will end soon. =))

Iss mahan aadmi ke liye jitna bhi likho kum he hai. His HUMBLENESS in unlimited. He has attained OMNI GOD mode. He has attained Nirvana ! I'm dedicating my 41st blog post to the Great & Humble Jhunjhunwala !! we all love you sir :-) Fake Jhunjhunwala or Real Jhunjhunwala i dont care. I just want to be HUMBLE like him :P

Agar aap logon ko bhi HUMBLE honeka hai toh roz morning uthh ke yeh line ka 108 baar jhaap karein " Om Rhim Jhunjhunwalagiri Namah"

Follow him on twitter @jhunjhunwala :-) Follow is HUMBLENESS :-)