Saturday, April 23, 2011

I was a farmer once........ :-)

I was a farmer once.. An Addicted Farmer... Yeah, i'm talking about Farmville.. Almost every friend on my facebook profile was addicted to this game. This game was then a reason why facebook gained importance. I was badly addicted to this game. I used to used to spend/waste almost 5 hours a day playing farmville. 

But how did i catch my addiction....? Almost every computer i saw in my office had FV on it. I wondered why was everyone so excited & mad about this game. I never knew a bit of this game before. My friends use to text me to send farmville items lol.. i used to say them that i'm not playing it and i dont know what the game was all about. 

One of my friend then explained me the concept of this game. I was still not much interested in this game. But i had started playing it occasionally. I was sorrounded by FV addicts in my office which also developed FV addiction into me. :P :P LOL ! I then started playing FV like mads. It was like a competition among we friends and soon i was leading the race. My facebook wall was flooded with FV feeds and updates. Things were interesting alot. Befriending unknown people from all over the world, sending and receiving FV items, requesting for items needed through status updates and beating all the friends by gaining mazimum XP and moving up levels. All was happening so fast and FV became a part of life. lol :P

It was a trending topic on twitter too :P everybody in the world was farming i guess. Everybody was plowing, harvesting, seeding and moving up on FV :-) I forgot that i had a real world too :P I used to ask or i would say i used to beg to my friends for FV items :P lol. Farmville developers was making alot of improvements in the game. New vehicle, buildings, animals, seeds, decorative items, statues, and alot more of virtual things that almost covered whole world into it. 

I used to wake up early sometimes to harvest my crops so that they do not get withered. I never woke up early ever for my studies in my life :P :P 

But this addiction lasted just for 4 months. I realized that it was waste of time :P I was gaining nothing out of it. And slowly i reduced my farmville activities. I still remember my mom shouting at me. She used to say " Aag lage toje farm ke" means, " let ur farm catch fire " coz i used to remain awake till late nights for farming :P lol.. Farmville Dog was another idiot which was to be fed every 6 hours :P

Today i feel that i was so careless in those 4-5 months. So many people came in my life, a few left away but i did not allow my Farmville Dog to go.. lol.. i was killing times then.. I'd stopped my FV activities. Blocked farmville feeds and i started to hate this game. It took away my 4 important months :P A Big time. ;-) I dont know how and why i developed hatred for this game.

But my new addiction helped to keep me moving... Mumbai !!! I used to spend my free time in researching about Mumbai. And before catching this addiction, i made a thorough audit of it whether i was again wasting my time or this time i was gaining something from it. I found that i was gaining alot alot alot from it. :-))))))

Soon I visited a place called Nariman Point 1st time ever in my life. That day was awesome. That time was awesome. Everything was awesome. I was roaming all alone in Mumbai and Nariman Point soon became my new addiction :P :P I designed Nariman Point on my farmville.. :-) i wondered if i could ever do that nicely but when i showed my farm to few of my Mumbai friends and asked for a feedback, they said that it was awesome. That made me happpyyyy :P it took me around 8 hours on a go to design Nariman Point on my farmville.

Now, i have no sense of what is happening in the virtual world of farmville. I stopped playing social games since then. I avoid every crap of that virtual gaming now. Just to cherish memories i sometimes go through my farmville album :P :P Have a look to the photo pasted below.. Does it look like Nariman Point ?? :-) ;-)

Check the chickens.... i had about 300 chickens on my farm. I've build the Hotel Trident with White Fence :P Air India Building too. :P :P Those were the last 8 hours i worked on my farmville..

If u wish to see other snaps of my farm then click the link below.. :D

I also did a bit of real farming... :-) Had been to a nearby village where i found a tractor and all the farming stuff :D Have a look. :D

Thats all about the farmville life :) It was a good 4 months Virtual Journey. I'm out of the virtual life now :-) The Real life is more faster than the Virtual one ;-) thnx for reading :-) Good Day.. :-)

Bijoy Momaya !!!