Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mumbai Police Zindabad - The Rescue of Karnit Shah !

This refers to the incident that took place in Kandivli - Mumbai where a 6 year old boy Karnit Shah was kidnapped from outside of his house on 6th April. Karnit was said to be playing Cricket with his friends. After the game ended, all his friends returned home but Karnit did not. As the time passed, Karnits parents went in search of him and found that he was missing. 

Sooner, Karnit's father reported this to the Police Station and the search began. His parents did everything they could do to search him. They pasted posters of Karnit till Mahalaxmi station. They took help from the local media to spread a word about Karnit missing, but were still unable to trace him which made clear that the boy was kidnapped. Police started investigating into the matter with various views. Searching a 6 year old boy in Mumbai was a hell task. 

Surprisingly, Karnit was traced in Allahabad after 14 days. He was rescued from the kidnappers just a day before when the kidnappers had decided to murder him. Below are some interesting facts that made this case significant. 

1st time ever, a group of 400 policemen, divided into 3 groups were enforced into a task of rescuing a kidnapped.

Policemen spread across the city as health volunteers of Pulse Polio Drive
 and few Policemen as customers to tantrik baba because they suspected "Child Sacrifice Practice" by a tantrik. But there was no much clue about Karnit.

Further investigations by police team found that a Cake Shop near Karnit's house remained closed after Karnit's kidnapped. Inquiring and investigating about the same, the police found that Cake shop owner was the culprit. 

Cake shop owner named Sohanlal Gupta planned to kidnap Karnit with the help of his two cake delivery boys Sandeep Barose and Sameer Khan. 

Karnit, after loosing a cricket match, was sitting in a society garden near his house, where Sameer approached him and offered him chocolate and cake. Sameer was often seen playing with Cricket with these kids in past. But this time he had some different intentions. He took Karnit to Sohanlal who later kidnapped him and took him to Allahabad. 

3 days later, Sohanlal called Karnits parents and demanded 1 Crore (billion). This call was traced by local police under DCP Mahesh Patil. This made the police clear that the kidnapped boy was sheltered in a small village near Allahbad. With the details of the call, the police reached Allahabad and intelligently rescued Karnit from the clutches of Sohanlal. Police also arrested the 4th accused Surjeet Bhang, who helped Sohanlal in the process.

Another interesting fact about this case is, the Parents also used facebook as a media to search the small boy. I saw many of my friends updating their facebook status about Karnit's Missing News. However, it did not help in the detection process but it was one of the best way i believe.

After police rescued Karnit, they informed his parents about it and the celebrations started. :) :) 100s of relatives and friends were gathered at the airport to welcome the missing boy and the police.

As they arrived, Karnit jumped into his father's arms and his mother broke down with the tears of joy. This is what Karnit's father and few relatives had to say..

Karnit's father: "I have never seen so many people coming out to help a family with such sincerity. From day one, every member of the society has been helping us in whatever way they could.

They have searched for my child till late hours in the night, gone with me to authorities and run errands for my disturbed family. Even the policemen have treated the case as if their own child had gone missing. I am indebted to everyone."

Vipul Shah, a relative of the Shahs, said, "We are now all headed to Pranik garden. There will be massive celebrations today. Children have already started exploding crackers. It will be Kandivali's Ganpati today." 

The crowd at the Airport cheered and shouted with pride "Mumbai Police Zindabad" (Long Live Mumbai Police).

Hats off to Mumbai Police. Congratulations from me !