Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kutch ki ghoomnaam galiyaan =)

I find myself knowing more about Mumbai than any other city of the world :-) Lately, i have been receiving lots of compliments regarding the same and many Mumbaikars also say that i have more knowledge than they have about the Super Awesome City. :-) This makes me happiieee :) To keep me away from missing this place, i do alot of strange things in my day to day life which i will let you know in other write ups later ;-)

This time i was here just for 2 days :-| But it did not matter much :P :P I almost did everything that i did the last time when i was in Mumbai for 10 days :)) Jaane do.. ab lecture bada ho raha hai ;-) Its a never ending topic for me and i can fill 4 GB harddisk writing about this awesome city ;-)

Mumbai was the start point of my Journey to Kutch. I was traveling in Bhuj Express for the 1st time ever. Boarded the train at Bandra and soon within 3 hours we entered the Gujrat State. I’m a keen observer of things which go around me. Found some good things in the train. There were just 1 or 2 beggars in the train. Even the poorest man / women / kid engaged himself / herself in some or the other business.

A small boy may be 6-7 was selling khamann Dhoklaas, kachoris, jalebi, fafda =). Another lady was selling newspapers dailies and magazines. Guys believe me.. Gujjus have business in their blood :) Khudka kamate hein aur shaan se jeete hein :) and be it eatables or magazines, never forget to bargain with Gujrati Business People. Pakka bargain milega !! 

Reached Kutch on the next day...! :) For all my readers who reside outside India, Kutch is located in Gujrat State, and Kutch is the most amazing group of villages where life is so very peaceful and simple. In spite of blooming economy of Gujrat state, Kutch has still remained unexplored.

I really feel that Kutch should remain unexplored so that it can retain its beauty. Its better that Kutch has inbuilt roads and light less streets instead of the Industries and factories that spread pollution or the growing population that spreads crime. Trust me, if Kutch is tried for developments, it will surely loose all the Nature's best and unique beauty which it currently showcases.

I was really waiting to explore the villages, the forts, Derasars, Palaces and many other things of the Beautiful Kutch.

The Derasars means the Jain temples. These temples were built long back about 100 years. These temples are awesomely designed and well maintained by the respective boards. Let’s go through some pics...

I had to attend a program at Sandhaan ( Kutch Village) but it was a bit boring for me.. i had nothing to do with that and so i thought of roaming through the streets of the village. Its an amazing place to be at. Captured some pics again ;-) sandhaan ke ghoomnaam galiyon me mast ghoom raha tha mein ;-) :P
Another amazing thing of The Kutch is that Peacocks & Camels roam freely in these villages as stray dogs roam here & there in our cities. Here is a pic that i captured again :)

Then, as i kept moving, i came across a big fort in Saandhaan. Inquired a bit about it. They said that it was partially destroyed in earthquakes. Here is the pic. I also saw a single roomed post office here.

The market place was small and simple too. The climate was really awesome here. Had expected high temperature but it was cool and turned awesome as the twilight approached. Found a house nearby Saandhaan Derasar which built about 80-100 years back :) Also found an Auto Rick which was kind of unique. Here are the pics.

We stayed at Suthri – a nearby village, about 10 kms away from Sandhaan. Suthri is really good place to hault. The climate was awesome. The cool breeze and the tasty food i had there is what Suthri is known for. I used to sit outside our room till late night to enjoy the cool breeze.

Then we proceeded to roam through other parts of Kutch. Mom & Maami were busy shopping some type of sarees and it was eating away lots of time ;-) pakka diya tha in log ne :P yaar 3 hrs tak koi shopping karta hai kya :( huh. We left for the Mandvi beach then :) Met one of my friend Mayur who stays there... here we go with the pics... :) I was tired abit but really enjoyed alot at the beach.

We stayed at Kothara (Another Village) for a day. It was a peaceful place too. But the temperature was a bit higher as compared to other villages. Next day we left for Bhuj. Reached there within 2 hrs. Visited Aaina Mahal and some other Mahal of Bhuj. Here are few pics of Aaina Mahal and the other Palace of Mandvi. Haulted at Bhuj for a day and i was excited for the next day.. =) Here are few pics =)

We had planned to visit the India Pak border which was near Kaaro Doongar (Black Mountain). Karo Doongar is a place were u can see no-mans land from top of the hill. Nothing exists there. The ocean has dried out lots of salt and limestone is visible. Not a single plant, grass or any animal exists there. Its a strange place. Here are the pics.

From there, we left for the India-Pakistan Border area. Wow.. it was a super sensitive zone. =) I was just 70 kms away from the 0 line. The border connects to Karachi on the other end :) I was not allowed to click more pics of that area. Clicked just 2 pics there..
From there, we went back to Bhuj. That was the last day at Gujrat and Kutch. Boarded the train at night 10:15 and was really tired alot after traveling for 5-6 days continuously. But i was again getting charged up coz i was going to be in Mumbai again :) :) Reached Bandra at 2:30pm and the traffic on the road was super awesome :P LOL. We had booked a taxi to return back to home at Dombivli. Taxi wala mast shanna tha. He took us through mast mast route. Andheri, Powai lake, via Hiranandani, Thane outskirts, and finally to Dombivli. Matlab ghoom phir ke waheen ;-) LOL. 

Had to meet friends in Bombay but was expecting some relatives to visit home. Finally ghar pe pakk raha tha and called up my mast dost DD bhai to meet up. Hum log Dadar pe mile raat ko 9 baje :P Solid bhook lagi thi ;-) DD bhai party de rahe the toh mein mana kaise karta LOL :P He took me to a super awesome restaurant ONLY PARATHAS at Dadar. Ekdum dhinkchak Parathe banate hein idhar. They make about 25 types of Parathas :D we tried Paneer Spring roll Paratha and one more was... ummmmm forgot the name :P maza aaya.... ;-)

Khana khaane ke baad paan khana toh banta hai ;-) aur kya tha.. phir DD bhai ko topi daali :P Culcutta Masala paan liya :D The paan was too big and i started coughing pagal ke jaise :P pagal jaise hasne ko aaraha tha :P aur muh paan se bhara tha :P boleto ekdum majja aaya.. From there we hired a cab and went to Dadar station. :) boleto tata bolneka samay aagaya tha ) was back to home (Dombivli) within 3 hrs and sogaya shaanti se.;-)

Thats all what i did for so many days :P I liked Kutch alot but yeah nothing like Mumbai :P Mumbai is Mumbai. No 1 can understand it better than me ;-)

Chalo bas ab.. mereko likhneko bhi bhi pakk raha hai.. This is the worst ever write up by me.. Mereko khud ko solid pakka yeh sab likhneko :P but i was missing my blog so wrote all this :P sorry.. mujhe pata hai tum log ko bhi solid pakkau laga hoga :P anyways.. my next article will be on MUMBAI :D a short poem under process too :P Babye all :) tc...

P.S: Ignore the spelling mistakes as usual.. because i did not bother to check for the mistakes as usual :P

few other amazing snaps which i clicked at Kutch..

For all the pics.. click this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1727351548068.2087846.1366816902&l=d964e3513b

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