Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Suicides for Dowry. Will this ever Stop ?

Nidhi Gupta, Dipti Chahuhan, Komal Chheda & now Bhakti Shah.. will this ever stop ??

Forget about fighting against terror, domestic crime, local authorities, politicians, scams & other issues. Lets first fight against the evils of society that force the victims to give away their lives by committing suicide. Lately, i have been noticing that Women specially the working women are committing suicide because they face harassment from their in-laws. Its so sad to understand that in-laws ask for money / Dowry. 

These shameless people force and torture women to bring money & jewels from her parents claiming that she had not brought enough of it at the time of wedding. And when the argument turns wild, the women commits suicide. She gives away her life. 

Just imagine how life would be. A lady aged about 25-26 is tortured everyday for money. The in-laws do not respect her. Not even her husband. She is cursed by her in-laws & husband from the time she wakes up. She takes all the curses & even beatings some times. She is assaulted in the worst possible way. She cries. She thinks of her child's future. What impact does these scene create on the child ? Everyday the same story continues and one fine day when the limits are crossed, she decides to commit suicide because she cannot face the problems any more. She decides to QUIT. 

This has been one of the major issue in Mumbai & other parts of India. Everyday i read about such suicides in Mumbai Mirror and other newspapers. And i feel that such news are being the source of inspiration to other victims. Read the below cases.

May 10: Bhakti Shah, 26-year-old, residing in Borivili (west) allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of the building in which she lived, around 8 am on Tuesday. The deceased, Bhakti Shah, has left behind a five-month-old son.

Apr 19: HDFC Bank manager Komal Chheda, 31, hangs herself at her Matunga's home. A case under Dowry Act registered against her husband and in-laws.

Apr 17: Deepti Chauhan, 30, ends life by jumping off the terrace of Alaknanda building in Dahisar, after throwing her five-year-old son. Her husband, father-in-law and two other family members are arrested for abetting her suicide.

Mar 8: Nidhi Gupta, 32, a chartered accountant flings her son and daughter to death and then jumps from the 19th floor of her building in Malad. Her husband and in-laws are arrested for abutment to suicide and dowry harassment.

It has been a new trend running around. Commit suicide if you are into any trouble. I understand that some problems do not have solution. Nor you get support to face the problems from your own family. But does it mean that you have to commit suicide ? What about your parents who live for you. What about your siblings & your friends... ? You kill all your relations by committing suicide. You take away the lives of your loved ones. You leave them lifeless on Earth to live without you. Their dreams get all shattered. 

Will these ever stop ? Will the women get her due respect and happiness ? Why are such things happening.. is money the only thing what you want ? Does money brings happiness ? 

Having started writing about Mumbai since a year now, this suicides are the worst things i have come across till now. I do not write until things are really serious or something that needs to be noticed. People are really not bothered of such things happening. What about the justice to such victims ? What do we do.. ? we just join a related facebook fan page. Comment on the happenings and speak about it with friends and that all.. What do i do. I write on such things, fail to awaken the people & finally even i get busy with other things. Who fights for the justice of such victims ? 

Yeah, i tried going in depth in case of Komal Chheda. Found few facts which left me surprised. Komal Chheda was a Wealth Manager in HDFC. She was drawing 15 lakhs annually. Some sources say that before her committing suicide, she had financially helped her brother in law towards his studies in abroad. Most interesting thing is it was a love marriage and her husband Ruchir was her college mate. I dont know the exact reason why Komal took such a big step. It is often seen that the parents do not interfere in their girls life after her marriage. Same thing happened with Komal Chheda. 

Today, im not just closing this chapter here itself. I will drop a mail to Human Rights Commission asking them to fight for justice of Bhakti Shah, Komal Chheda, Dipti Chahuhan & Nidhi Gupta. Please join me by dropping a mail or a postal letter to Human Rights or any other authorities you know that can help to bring justice to the victims.Please spread a word among your friends to support the cause. May be there will be a less chance of HR Commission acting only if they receive a single mail. So i request all my readers to take few minutes and drop a mail to the concerned authorities.


Bijoy Momaya !!