Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bade Acche Lagte Hein. Pata nai Kisko ?

"The Parvati" who was once referred as "Om ki Parvati" during the Saas Bahu Serials Era, made her come back in yet another Saas Bahu type serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hein. Few years ago, Ekta Kapoor, Tulsi Mihir Virani & Parvati Om Agarwal ruled over the TV sets of every house. And those days are back again with Bade Acche Lagte Hein.

This time, Parvati gets a new name - "Priya". This Priya seems to be in love with some Ram Kapoor. :P JOKE ! Ekta Kapoor shows so much of trust in this Ram Kapoor. Ram Kapoor is trying to be a Angry YOUNG man. (Well, not so young) :P He is already richy rich. He has some big Ultra High Comfort car, he uses awesome tech gadgets & he also seems to have a big business which keeps on creating fortune for him. He is totally a Celebrity Banda :P Vade log...! But in spite of being a celebrity he is full on lattu on Parvati Agarwal. He carries vegetables for her. :P  

Where as, Priya (Parvati) is a teacher. She has full on Attitude :P Bhaav khati hai :P She knows that a big business man is lattu behind her :P so this is where her attitude comes from.. :P Her attitude seems to be disturbing our new Celebrity Banda Ram Kapoor. :P  Please for god sake don't ask me how they fell in love. :P Celebrity bande hein bhai ;-) kuch bhi ho sakta hai. ;-)

So this serial is yet another family drama which has adversely affected my life. :( Mom doesn't let me watch Chota Bheem & CID or any news or Cricket. :( I don't know how such serials create impact on each n every family. :( So its all over for people like me who are not interested in such serials. Our Moms wont be allowing us anymore to watch our favorite programs. This is so inhuman :( i'm staging protests to fight against Ekta Kapoor serials. Even i have a right to watch my favorite shows Chota Bheem & CID :)

I cannot expect govt. to take necessary steps to see that such Saas Bahu serials are not shown on TV. :P So i'm staging a protest against my mom, Ekta Kapoor, Parvati Agarwal & all the saas & bahus of India. :P 

If you guys are also facing the same problems at your home, plz do join me in the protests. Hame Insaaf chahiye ;) raise your voice. Aur kitna chup chaap baithenge hum log. Aam Aadmi har bar kyu sahe yeh sab. :P :P Aawaz do.. hum ek hein! :P :P

In other news, Tulsi Mihir Virani entered politics & lately she was in news for getting a seat in Upper House of Parliament. She will surely mint some serious money in her new field. ;-)