Monday, July 11, 2011

A "LIFE" within the "LIKE" button.

Facebook, the place where people are now spending most of the time of their LIFE has easily become the top social media site. It registers billions of hits every day. Kids use it for games, teenagers use it for chat and other fun, social media houses use it for spam and to spread news, Professionals use it for business purpose in form of Official Fan Pages and others use it to get connected to the school / college friends & relatives in their 50s and 60’s. Another breed of people uses it for their personal interests. Ex: Kantilal Godbole :P LOL.

However, I have not understood several concepts of the weird facebook. Some of the facebook activities are the biggest jokes in real life. I’ve noticed certain things which are so funny and even weird for those who have restricted their lives within the facebook.

The Relationship Status.

This is the funniest of all. Facebook gives the option of setting up the Relationship Status (RS) to “Is in relationship which is COMPLICATED” LOL ! There used to be times when people facing complications in love relationships used to end up their lives committing suicides or living rest of their life lifeless. But now the things have changed. The people facing complications in love relationship end up changing their facebook relationship status from “is into relationship“ to “is into relationship which is complicated“ :P LOL ! No more suicides in the name of love :P

Right after the break up, people change their status and now they are SINGLE again :P LOL ! kabhi kabhi toh hadd karte hein log :P Some people change their relationship status every day. On Monday they are “into relationship” which lasts till Tuesday evening. Then exactly at 24:00 hours they change the RS to “ Into a relationship which is COMPLICATED” :P And these complications again last for just 2 days i.e. Wednesday & Thursday :P On Friday you see them updating their RS to “SINGLE”  :P which again last till Saturday evenings. They open their facebook and surf through the new profiles again. On Sunday, they date the new one & update their RS to “into relationship” and they are back again. :P LOL – Ek nayi umeed aur ek naya vishwas ke saath :P hehehehehe…

Friend Suggestions.

This is just another weird and funny thing on facebook. FB “Suggests” the “People you may know” and when you click on it to send a friend request, facebook asks you “Do you really know him/her” ? LOL arey Mark bhaiyaa.. merepe vishwas nahi hai toh plz suggest toh mat karo at least :P par theek hai.. aaj kal kisipe vishwas nahi kar sakte :P khud pe bhi nahi :P lol

Funny Applications.

“I’m 70% in love today”  “ I’m 80% angry today”  “Who writes max on my profile” and few other weird & useless applications are so annoying some times. Lets see some other funniest applications which I came across on fb.
The most weird was “Look alike friends” - I have a twin brother who is friends with me on fb but he did not appear in the “Look alike Friends list” LOL.
Another application was “Who is your brother” & “Who is your father”. LOL.. Now facebook will decide who is who’s father and brother :P There was another surprising application. I don’t know what on this Earth made Mark Zuckerberg and FB developers team to allow this application. The name of this super awesome application was “Who is your REAL father” :P LOL. This application soon disappeared from facebook, may be after a lot of Reportings by the users :P LOL.

Facebook Places:

This is another new application which facebook itself launched recently. Some top end phones like Blackberry automatically show the places you check into and share the information on your wall. Now I have a thought on it. If this application is further developed technologically, it will soon create awesomeness or weirdness on facebook. The day is not far when you will read the Facebook Places feeds saying “Mr.XYZ checked into his washroom” LOL & it will be more weird when people will “Like” and “Comment” on such feeds :P
Another application says “What age you really should be” :P Now facebook will decide whether a person was born before/after his/her right time of birth :P

Few Funny FanPages & Events:

Lately there has been a big issue in India regarding the Corruption which is making highs on facebook too. The Anna Hazare Fasts Episode has been making new highs every day. But let me make it clear….. Anna Hazare has already broken his fasting long ago. I’m writing this because I still get invitations from people to “Support Anna Hazare Fasts & fight against Corruption” LOL. Few people are so much into this virtual world that they have no idea of what is going on in the real world. :P Bas likhdo kuch bhi. Be it related or not. Just support Anna Hazare :P :P

Another interesting FanPage I came across is something related to the Love Quotes and shayaris :P This place consists of a breed apart from everyone. Here people shed their tears, emotions and what not. They spill out everything openly on the fan page assuming that their tears will get them their love back :P I mean, literally they speak to the wall of that fan page like they are speaking to their Ex :P

Poke Button:

This is something in interests of most of my friends :P hehehehe :P I’m POKED by about 10-12 friends ever day :P I don’t know why but still I like it :P Playing Poke Poke is kind of fun ;) hehehehe.. I know you all will surely POKE me after reading this blog.
There is a lot to write still but m concluding here :P :P
Please share the weirdness that you have faced on facebook. The Comments section is open for you. :-) Thank you for reading my blog again :-) Please share it if you liked :-) 

Bijoy Momaya.