Friday, July 8, 2011

This is how Google Plus will help ACP Pradyuman.

Jab Google + launch hua tab aisa laga ke CID Inspector Daya ( G+) ne phir se darwaza todd diya aur Mujjrim (FB) ko tamacha maara.. :P  This was my 1st thought when I signed in to G+ for the 1st time :D lets see what advantages did G+ take over FB, where FB failed big time. Google Plus opened its doors on 30th of June.

Every day we come across so many viruses and spam on facebook and this is where G+ has an upper hand. G+ looks spam free and viruses free as of now. There is no virus shit at all :-) There are no stupid applications like “I’m 70% in luv today” or the “Pillow Fights”… G+ has a clean & elegant interface with various Friends Grouping options and the “Hangout” which is simple to use. You can enjoy Video Conference, Voice Chat, Text Chat and also share Youtube videos with the whole Circle of friends together under the “Hangout” interface. Its really gonna be an addictive thing for those who love social networking.

Iska matlab hai ke ab ACP Pradyuman CID bureau me baithe baithe cases solve kar sakte hein :P  The “Hangout” thing will really be what is called as Real Life sharing :-) On the other hand, the photo sharing interface looks elegant too. Link the Picasa album and you there :)

Why do I expect G+ to be hit…. Here are a few reasons..

We all are already too much dependent of GMAIL for email & chatting. So you now have a more useful way of passing on the information. Create a Circle for your office mates and share the important files and documents directly with all your office mates in a single click. What more, you can also take a back up of the data you share on G+ :-) Iska matlab hai ke CID ka Senior Inspector Abhijeet aisa nahi bol sakta ke “ Sir, mujhe aapka mail mila he nahi “ ;-)

Another awesome feature of G+ is the Live Stream you follow. Here, you can follow the stream of your desired Circles and avoid unnecessary updates. Iska matlab hai.. agar ACP Pradyuman Andheri ke Criminal ka case solve kar raha hai toh sirf related updates he milenge. :-) Ease of work !!

You also get a gmail chat list on Google +. It means, even if your friends are NOT on G+, u can still chat with them and share your updates with them on your G+ which will directly go to their mail box :-) Iska matlab hai Doctor Salukhe bol nahi sakta ke “Sir, mein aapke bureau me nahi sirf mere laboratory me kaam karta hoon.. toh mujhe Lab me baithe hue pata nahi chalta ke CID Bureau me kya kaam chal raha hai :P

Please also note that you can do a FEW of above things on facebook too.. But, will it not be more easy and help full if you get everything under a same roof. So we can say that, our over-dependence on Gmail will keep us tuned to Google Plus too. :-)

The only thing where facebook has the upper hand is the facebook FanPage. Google + does not allow you to create such fan pages, the simple reason being, to avoiding spam and viruses and useless application.

So in short, Mark Zuckerberg Bhaiyaa ki full on lagne waaali hai. :P :P  Reports also say that, lately, 10 Millions of facebook accounts in US were shut down in last 2 months.

In other news… China is already blocking Google + :P

Thats my short review on G+ :-) You might be currently experiencing that Google + is not so useful. My answer to this would be, you still don’t have all your friends on Google +. Let all your friends join. Its gonna be fun at G+. :-) If you are not on G+ yet, drop ur gmail id to me on twitter or my FB inbox. Will do the favours ;-) :P LOL

Concluding herewith. Babye people.. :-) Good Day. See you on Google +.