Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mumbaiya Farzi Gyan: How to Identify Central Line Railway Stations.

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Hey Guys,

Here is another Mumbaiya Farzi Gyan by me. ;-) This is a blog post on "How to Identify Mumbai Central Line Stations (CR)" The list is very big, and so i'm starting from Dombivali. Hope you all like it..

This write-up is a extract from 1 of my old entries. I have added up a bit more information and experiences in this entry. Here we go...

  • On Dombivali Station you will find 2-3 Gujju families standing in a corner of the bridge and a couple of Kutchi families who wanna to go to Ghatkopar. =))

  • If you don’t realize that the station has come and passed, then it's Nahur or Kopar.

  • If you see a Junction but with very less crowd, then you are on Diva Junction.

  • When a group of few commuters start starring at you in train with some angry expressions, then you are at Mumbra. Make sure that you too give an angry expression in return which makes you a Regular Mumbai Local Train Commuter. If you fail to give tough looks, there are many chances of you getting screwed. But this doesn’t mean that you have to initiate a fight first. Panga nahi leneka bhai log ;-)

  • When you find lot of Daily Wagers n labors on platform or boarding the train, you are at Kalva.

  • If the commuters shout "Chala Bhau Chala laukar laukar", then you are at Thane.  :-) Many people get down & many others board the train from here. So be near the door if u wanna get off the train. If you are stuck inside the compartment, then you wont be able to board off the train within 30 seconds. :-)

  • When you see a bit of stylish people / students with earphones plugged and sunglasses on their head, then you are on Mulund. Mulund is famous High Realty Prices of Residential as well as Commercial towers. One of the most happening & my favorite places in Mumbai. :-)

  • In a moving train, if u see a lot of big buildings and towers with massive infrastructure, then the next station will be Sion or Matunga or Bhandup.

  • If you find businessmen or salaried employees getting down & moving politely on platforms, then you are surely at Kanjur Marg…!!

  • If you find too many Gujjus (Gujrati People) talking about some business or stock markets or some other useful things, then you are at Ghatkopar. “Kem Cho Mota Bhai” is one of the popular Dialogues here. =))

  • If you see many college students boarding the train, then you are at Vidhya Vihar.

  • If you are standing at the door of a local train and you automatically get down without your wish on arrival of a station, then you are on Kurla. lolzzz :)) The Station is heavily crowded and there are about 30-40 people boarding the compartment at peak hours.  But if u wanna board back the train then just change your direction back towards the train, you will board the train automatically again. Hehehe.. But take care of your wallet here. Kurla is a Pick Pocketers Paradise.

  • If you see people running on platforms & bridges like mad men & fighting with co-commuters to board the train or get down from the train, then you are at Dadar. Remember, if you don’t fight to catch a train on Dadar then its clear that you are not from Mumbai or you are new to Mumbai & some intelligent mind will be already planning to fool you around in the train or at the platform. Btw, Idhar sab apne aap ko Raj Thackrey samjhte hein :P :P

  • If you hear “Ganapati Bappa Morya, Mangal Moorti Morya”, then you are at Chinchpokli. Usually, during Ganesh Chaturthi, people visiting Ganesh Galli & Laal Baug cha Raja, get down at Chinchpokli Station.

  • Mumbai CST station is the last stop of The Central Railways (CR). All the remaining people get down at CST. CST has a big big big platform, good security & is usually heavily crowded.

That’s it. Hope you liked the description of the CR stations ;-) please re-share in among your friends.