Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rs.1760000000000 worth 2G scam - How was it unveiled?

What is 2G scam? We have been hearing a lot about 2G scam lately. But what is it all about? How was the money minted in the scam? Is it of national interest?

Suppose you want a driving license. You go to the Road Transport Office (RTO) or the concerned authority and apply for your driving license. You have to pay Rs.500/- towards the license fees. What if an RTO official offers you a legally valid license at Rs.400/- but refuses you to give the challan / receipt for your payment? You are concerned with a valid license and you are getting it at a discount of Rs.100/-. Or say, you are offered a 2-Wheeler & 4-Wheeler license at the cost of 2-wheeler license only. 

Same thing happened in the 2G scam. The telecom companies were allotted legally valid 2G licenses in black or at lesser fees and all the money went to the pockets of the officials who are part of the entire corrupted system. Well, it’s very clear that such a scam cannot take place without the involvement of the high authority officials and the roots of this corrupted system lead to Sonia Madam & Chidu sahab.

Rs.177,000 Crores is the difference between the license fees actually collected and  which was to be collected as per the norms. The scam came out when the Income Tax dept. was investigating Nira Radia – a license broker. ITD toh sochte he reh gaye ke Nira madam ke paas itne paise aaye kahan se :P :P
Much more details were unveiled when Radia Tape controversy came into light. 

Income tax dept had taped the telephonic talks between Nira Radia and the (then) Telecom Minister A Raja. The tapes revealed that Nira Radia had also spoken to many other senior journalists, politicians and business tycoons. These telephonic conversations generally included the talks related to tax evasion, money laundering & restricted financial activities.

Radia was just a broker who arranged to get the licenses. But her role in the scam can be termed as the most prominent part of the 2G scam. She has been the back bone of the 2G scam. The case took a critical turn when some big names were revealed. Tata Communications & Reliance Industries were the clients of Vaishanavi Communications – a public relation firm led by Nira Radia.
I found the Telephonic Conversation script made between Barkha Dutt & Nira Radia. Here it goes.
  • Radia spoke with Ms. Barkha Dutt at 0948 IST.
Dutt: 'The stalemate (between Congress and DMK) continues, ya
Radia: 'my honest advice is that you tell them (Congress) that they need to tell him (Karunanidhi) directly ..
Dutt: 'OK, let me talk to them'

Well, many other prominent personalities, politicians, leading journalists & business tycoons were referred in The Radia Tapes.

Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Prabhu Chawla, Vir Sanghvi, former Telecom Minister A Raja, Kanimozhi & many other leading business personalities like Tatas & Ambanis were also referred in The Radia Tapes.
How did all this leak? How was Income Tax Dept allowed to tape the phone calls of Nira Radia?

Income Tax dept (ITD) took Radia’s phone calls tapping permission from the Central Home Minster’s office. Nira Radia’s phone calls were tapped for 300 days!!! ITD observed unusual transactions in the bank accounts of Nira Radia and started investigating deeply in this case. This is how the unveiling of the 2G scam begun.

1 more thought strikes to my mind. Its very clear that Sonia Madam knew all this from the beginning. Then why UPA allow ITD to tape the phone calls? The only possible reason I find is that DMK (Kanimozhi / A Raja) were minting good money and the proceeds were not shared with Sonia Madam :P hahahahaha!!

Mill baant ke nahi khaya toh aisa hogaya :P

That’s it from me. I have tried to elaborate a part of 2G scam in simple terms. Hope you found it interesting. All the data mentioned in the write-up, all the facts and figures are taken from various websites which are highly reliable. 

Another interesting thing to note is, how easily do the news hungry media people influence the Government's prominent decisions.

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