Monday, June 20, 2011

365 days ago.. Jab They Met !!

hmmmmmmm... so its been a year now since i started writing on this blog :-) Its been a year since you are reading my crude, raw & improper write ups. :P I started with sharing 2-3 email fwds and then a few real stories. =)

Gradually i developed a bit of skills of writing something of my own. I started sharing my views on current topics & on goings. Lately, since last 5 months, my writings have been able to drive a good traffic to my blog :) This means i’m improving ;-) :P 

Now, when i look back at the year that passed off so slowly.. umm no no it passed off very fast.. arey nahi.. it passed really very slow :P LOL m still confused.. Things have really changed since a year. When i look back, (usually i dont :P ) i find that almost everything has changed to the greatest extent. So i learned that waqt ke saath sab kuch badalta hai.. :P :) People too change like seasons. :P (including me :P) And why not...? The change is for good and i believe that joh bhi hota hai.. ache ke liye hota hai :D

Its not only the 1st bday of my blog, but its also 1st bday of the addiction that i developed towards Mumbai !!! I started writing something of my own after i returned from Mumbai 1 year ago. Those were the BIG BIG BIG 10 days of my life which passed away like 10 mins :P yeah... I don’t know how it happened but this showcases the fact that life in Mumbai is too too fast.

For me, 2 + 2 is never 4. I don’t believe even the simplest things until i justify myself with the proper reasoning. Likewise, i never believed that the life in Mumbai has some different meaning. But i was very eager to know about it in detail and i was waiting to experience it closely. Finally, after spending 10 BIG days in Mumbai, i got addicted towards Mumbai insanely...! :D

There are many reasons why i got addicted to this place. I keenly observed everything i saw in those 10 days. Boleto full on audit chalu tha :P I observed even the smallest thing like the Shoe polish walas at VT & Dadar to the biggest thing like happenings on Nariman Point. :) Finally i realized that the so called EVERYTHING what i observed was just a sip of water in the biggest sea :) yeah... Mumbai has endless things to observe. I feel really proud when i receive compliments from the people who say that i have a gr8 amount of knowledge of this super awesome city. =)

Its been a year since i developed my addiction towards the Mumbai life, Mumbai Local, towards the Marathi Language, the MUSIC of running Trains, the announcements at the stations, the announcements inside the fast locals, the addiction towards my friends :D, the gr8 Dadar sabzi mandi :P, the Churchgate Station. Addiction towards the crowd on the station at peak hours, the vehicle traffic on the city roads, and finally the greatest addiction towards the Nariman Point.

I have been able to express Nariman Point in such a way that few of my friends who reside outside India get a complete picture of what Narman Point really looks like :D Here is a comment from one of my friend Tara who lives in US :) She commented this on one of my pic which was clicked at Nariman Point. :) She has never been to Nariman Point ever in her life but still she said this... :-)

I didn't have to look twice to know it was Nariman Point. You've described it so beautifully I knew where it was in an instant. It is the place your heart lives, where your soul feels free, and where you desire above all else to be! Your picture, to me, is a picture of pure happiness because I know that no matter what is going on in life, for at least one brief moment, a soul is singing in happiness basking in the beauty of the world in which we all live.

My addiction led me to design Nariman Point on my farmville which many of my friends liked. :) Trust me, i designed it within 6 hours :) :P

I have seen all forms of Mumbai. From the eyes of a slum dweller, from the eyes of a business tycoon, from the eyes of a stock broker, from the eyes of a collage student and even from the eyes of a celebrity :P This has made me...... BAS BAS BAS.. :P
Ab bas.. I can keep writing about Mumbai for days.... so ts better we get back to my blog :P LOL !!

The most popular write ups according to the maximum hits or most visited posts on my blog are...

The Truth of Ramlila Protests ! 

The write up "The Truth of Ramlila Protests" got an awesome response from all over. 80 people shared this write up on FB on the very 1st day. =)

Other than these write ups, few of my blogs have been featured on Mumbai Mirror Online blog. :-) One of my article The Rescue of Karnit Shah - Mumbai Police Zindabad had been featured in DNA - a prominent dailies on page 6 of the issue dated 26th April, 2011. :P All this added to my inspiration for writing better. :) 

Some of my Blog Stats: My blog is about to complete 10000 page views. Not a good amount of page views but okie.. i have been still able to enlighten many people with my Farzi Gyan :P LOL ! Lately, my blog has been receiving 200 hits per day =) My blog has gr8 exposure to fb and lots of my friends and other readers have been sharing my write ups on their FB wall. =) The blog about Jhunjhunwala received about 800 hits in a single day ! Thats it..!

Its been a year i dropped my CA studies. Its been a year since i developed “Sab Chalta Hai" attitude. Its been a year i stopped playing farmville :P. Its been a year lot of my dreams vanished and its been a year i saw new dreams !! :) Life goes on.. you see. Life has its own funny way to take away everything from you and give back what you deserve and at the right time :)

Its better that we don’t know what will happen in future. Life should remain a mystery :) It makes living worth. It would be an easy life if you know whats gonna happen.. but then, life would be less magical :)

Thats enough of lecture now.. :) concluding herewith :) have awesome life people..
And haan.. don’t forget to wish my blog Happy Birthday :)

Its only and only because of you readers that i have been writing my blog. Few of the comments have really inspired me alot. I promise to bring more interesting write ups and alot of Rib tickling Humor on my blog in the days to come. So thats all about 365 days ago.. Jab me and my blog met. :P and so the title "Jab They Met" ;-)

And sorry again for any typos or grammatical mistakes.. like always, i have not checked for the spelling mistakes or grammatical errors ;-)

Good Day Good People ! :D Chalo chalo... wish my blog & my addictions a Happy Bday ;-) :D

Bijoy Momaya.